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  1. yes but that shouldn't matter because clearing air in gap is to avoid air bubbles distorting image air could not bring the lens hood into the photograph - but yes I did
  2. By the way. Your photography is stunning, Tim. Both on and subsurface.
  3. not that I could find by going through the menu I watched several backscatter intro and reviews and they never mention needing to edit any settings or zoom out unfortunately on several occasions I've received less than stellar responses from them...
  4. my email to backscatter: their less than helpful response Hello, I am using the m52 120 degree wide angle lens with my tg-6 in olympus housing. Why is the hood showing up in photos? See attached. Thanks their less than helpful response Hi, What mode are you shooting in? It’s best not to use the underwater wide angle setting on the camera. Also, what housing are you using? Make sure to allow the pocket between the lens and the camera housing fill with water. Please reach out if you have any other questions. Thanks, I am not using the underwater wide angle setting. I am using aperture mode. And it should not appear according to the product description:
  5. No adaptor or quick release Lens directly screwed on to housing I have the m52 lens that comes as a package with the tg6 Yes, supposed to have no vignetting at the widest but it's clearly there
  6. yeah its simply screw on I haven't tried but I'm fairly certain if I zoom it, it won't show the hood physics.. its this lens: https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-M52-Underwater-0.50X-120-Wide-Angle-Wet-Lens 120 Degrees Wide Sharp Corners No Vignetting Anti Reflection Coating Zoom Through for Tighter Shots Includes Dome Cover, Rear Lens Cap, Custom Backscatter Travel Case I've emailed backscatter but they take ages (more than a day to respond) lets see what they say
  7. thanks for your help, Tim but its a wide angle - why would I use it in microscope mode? This comment is obviously directed at backscatter and not you I've seen multiple videos on this lens and backscatter but no mention if it requires any software setup strange very strange photographs here: http://imgur.com/a/kMULF70
  8. I was able to remove the hood but it appears that its not designed to be used without the hood as it took an allen key something appears strange with this
  9. appears to be bolted onto lens via 4 hex screws ill see if I can remove it
  10. I have it like that and same issue. If I reverse it, its even more amplified obviously.
  11. No extension ring Lens designed to screw in directly to housing port
  12. Hello everyone Why is the lens hood showing up in photographs? I tried rotating it 90 degrees but its the same?
  13. Thank you very much for this informative and detailed explanation I intentionally took my time reading this while going through photographs I already took It appears that I need to re-adjust lighting position when the area has a high HDR (bright surfaces that will reflect and appear over-exposed) I also like your comment about working backwards - meaning knowing what I can do and cannot do in PP which will determine what kind of photographs I take thank you very much!
  14. Just surfaced from a dive Macro mode does indeed celebrate the light into a narrow mean - this is offset by the snoot's built in diffuser. Thank you
  15. Was using it in macro Ahh your comment makes sense I think the macro produces a hot spot because maybe it's intended to be used with the snoot The snoot has a built in diffuser
  16. Thanks, Tim. You are a beacon of light. Pun, decidedly, intended.
  17. Thanks, Tim. I also have the backscatter snoot. Will experiment with it after I've gotten accustomed to the light without a snoot aid. So that I know how a snoot affects the system - if I use both at the same time, I won't know what affect what has. Get used to the light as a baseline, then can note how a snoot affects it.
  18. Thank you, Tim. Do you suppose using a flash is advantageous over a continuous light LED? I am using the backscatter macro/wide 4300 in macro mode. I could try using the lower-brightness modes.
  19. adam, thank you I figured that and was hoping that exposure compensation would compensate for over exposed areas Bu this has also happened when I have set the light directly over the subject Like this photograph
  20. adam, I'm referring to the hotspot from the light I figured the brighter the light, the faster the shutter speed and lower ISO
  21. Heres a photograph taken in RAW and converted to a jpg without any PP. How can I avoid the hotspot? Exif: ISO: 100 EV: -0.7 F/6.3 1/125s
  22. Looking for composition in water as a starting point. Then PP technique as well.
  23. Yes - it looks like the fish significantly grew in the three months since the photograph. I'll try iNaturalist. Thank you, Chris.
  24. The photographs and video were taken months apart. But I am fairly certain it is the same fish. Months ago I saw two next to each other. The video from a week ago was of one only. I think its the same fish because the site is a 101 foot seabed wreck dive in the middle of the sea. Theres nothing around the wreck except sand. The video was taken in the exact location I found it months ago. Really, within 1 foot away maybe.
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