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  1. Purchased these from Dan and received all items as described. Pleasure to work with. Thanks!
  2. You’ve inspired me to upload some of my old shots too (and to maybe book a return trip!)
  3. Love Roatan. Met my favorite dive buddy there (and eventually married her ) Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for the info Algyyn. Will definitely look into the Easydive systems.
  5. Purchased from Kevin - great experience. Thx
  6. Purchased from bkosinone, received items as promised and all in great shape. Thanks.
  7. I might be interested but have some questions. Can you PM me?
  8. I am - finally! - upgrading and would love to see my old rig go to someone that will use it. All in good working order - great rig for a beginner or a student. Included: Ikelite 6807.1 housing for Nikon D70/70s cameras with TTL electronics, dual handle and strobe ball mounts FL 6" dome port with zoom ring (will fit an 18-70mm lens - 67mm diameter) FL Macro port (used with a Nikon 60mm lens - 62mm diameter) 1 Nikon D70 body 1 Nikon D70s body Qty 5 EN-EL3 batteries + 2 chargers Housing spares kit, memory cards and reader, and other miscellaneous stuff (as pictured) Not included: Lenses $150 or better offer. You pay shipping and any transaction fees.
  9. This is still available and I'll take $50 for it if anyone is interested.
  10. Received everything as promised. Good seller. Thank you!
  11. Oh that's good to know, never heard of Zen before - I'll look them up. Makes sense about the housing being used for students. If you need more cameras for your students, I'll be selling my D70 housing with two bodies. Have a few ports available for it. Make me an offer if you're interested. I rather see it used than collecting dust. J.C.
  12. Two strobe Ikelite connector cable. Brand new in the box. Was part of my spares and never used. Just want someone to get some use out of it. This is the discontinued version of the cable: https://www.ikelite.com/products/sync-cord-two-ikelite-strobes-to-ikelite-bulkhead $75 or best offer. You cover shipping costs.
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