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  1. Very sorry this happened to you. It is one of my biggest fears when I travel which is why I purchase UW gear specific insurance - not cheap! One thing you might consider is posting to Reddit's legal advice sub https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/ - there's often attorneys there willing to offer some great advice. Best of luck
  2. Yeah Mr Crab had a lot of personality. Thx!
  3. Been a member of this great resource for quite a while and in the past few years I have used the classifieds section quite often (to great results). But I have not shared any photos in a very long time, so I'm definitely overdue. Going to try and do that a bit more often. I'll start with some shot from my last dive . . . Thanks, J.C.
  4. A little more detail on this - the reduced rate for the live aboard is $2600. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, The scuba shop I DM for chartered the Emperor Explorer for a 7 night trek in early November. They booked the entire boat but have had some last minute unexpected cancellations and now there's 4 spots open that they need to fill (or lose their money). They are offering these at a discounted rate, so if Maldives diving has been in your bucket list, this might be a good opportunity to check it off your list. There's a really nice group of people going on the trip (we all have done multiple trips together before) including a few UW Photographers. You can get some details about the trip here: http://www.exoticaquaticsscuba.com/maldives/ but just DM me for more info and I can get you in touch with the trip organizer. Thanks! J.C.
  6. Received as promised and as described. Very pleased. Thank you!
  7. Camera received. Everything in order and as advertised. Thank you!
  8. Purchased these from Dan and received all items as described. Pleasure to work with. Thanks!
  9. You’ve inspired me to upload some of my old shots too (and to maybe book a return trip!)
  10. Love Roatan. Met my favorite dive buddy there (and eventually married her ) Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks for the info Algyyn. Will definitely look into the Easydive systems.
  12. Purchased from Kevin - great experience. Thx
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