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  1. Hello, I have not been active on here, and actually have not been able to do much diving for some time. As such I am considering selling my Aquatica 5d housing. I have the housing, fish-eye port, macro port, tele port, and a set of INON strobes that have all been sitting on the shelf for two years. I've only had it in the water probably 30 times....one of which to the Andrea Doria, and all in excellent condition other than some scratching on the inside of the fish eye port...when I first got it I tried to put in the lens with the sun shade! Never seemed to show in any photos though. I have been going to post the kit for sale but just haven't gotten around to it but now I am selling my 5d so I wont have a use for it anyway. Just looked up my original invoice from Handler photo...$6,200. I'm not sure what the going rate would be but I would consider $4000 for complete kit.
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