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  1. I've been thinking about getting a digital camcorder for a variety of uses and I was hoping some of you could suggest a model or two to look at. As a novice digital SLR camera operator I'd also like the camcorder to have housings available for it in case I'd want to take it underwater. I also plan to use it on land, particularly to film my band's gigs at various indoor venues that have medium to low light conditions (generally filming from a darkened audience on to a lit stage), for website video clips, so I'd like it to have decent audio on board as well. Any suggestions? I've been considering the Sony PC1000 or Panasonic PV-GS400 - would that be a good choice? I was concerned on the Sony PC1000 with the lack of microphone input. For recording band gigs, I'd like to get a decent small stereo mic to put out in front the camera to record the band. Any suggestions on a mic as well? Finally, I don't know much about video editing software. For the basic task of making clips for a website, what kind of software can I get? Does the camera come with software to handle that task? Thanks!
  2. Hi. I recently went on a trip to Turks & Caicos with my new setup consisting of a C-5050z camera and the PT-015 housing. I decided that for this trip I would mainly just get used to the camera and not worry about the strobe. I bought a color correcting filter for the PT-015 and used that on all of my dives. During the dives I generally left the camera set to automatic, although I did eventually put it in the forced flash mode, because I noticed that at times the camera didn't recognize that it needed the flash. Anyway, most of the photographs came out too blue, so I realize it may be time to add a strobe? Anyway, I'd like to hear what settings people use the camera at and what sort of strobe I should use with the camera (including how the camera is set for use with the strobe). Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hi Chris. Glad to see you got your setup. I've been thinking about getting something similar, but as for the tray and strobes, I was considering the Epoque ES 150 Dual Hardwired/Slave Strobe Package---$999 from Ocean Brite. Not sure if anybody has any comments about it, but it seems like a good deal and accomodates the pre-flash from the Olympus 5050. What do you think about it? I'm also not sure what people think about the Epoque ES 150 strobes.
  4. What do you think about the systems that Ocean Brite is offering here: Olympus Housings at Ocean Brite The details from the site: Our EXCLUSIVE "Digital Light Adjustment" (similar to TTL) Packages not only accommodate the Pre-Flash from the Olympus Digicams, but "ADJUST THE AMOUNT OF LIGHT TO THE SUBJECT". In order to accomplish this, we install a waterproof plug in the Housing that is wired to one of the ES 150 Strobes. The Digicam's external flash socket is wired into this plug allowing the Digicam to dictate the exposure. The ES 150 Strobe utilizes it's internal sensor to duplicate the exposure and automatically quench the Strobe at the proper time. These packages are designed with the sophisticated user in mind and are the only AFFORDABLE systems available that produce true flash automation for the Olympus Digital Cameras. What does everyone think of this?
  5. Thanks. Would a single strobe be enough for a 5050 setup?
  6. Thanks, I think I beginning to understand the differences between the strobe uses. It seems like the manual stobes require alot of trial and error. Are the adjustments you are making typically only required at the beginning of the dive (e.g., once you have the strobe dialed in for the lighting conditions on a particular dive it is set and forget for the most part), or do you have to constantly adjust the flash? Do the strobes that operate in a TTL-like fashion, such as the Epoque (I am interested in this one because Marine Camera is offering a deal on this strobe and the PT-015 housing) make this process any easier? Finally, do the D-SLR cameras offer any benefits in making strobe/lighting adjustments over the 5050 or 5000? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the advice so far everyone. There doesn't seem to be a clear winner between the 5050 and 5000 for underwater use? I'm not sure I understand the differences with how the strobes work with each housing/camera. I think I understand the need to get an additional tray and handle for the PT-015 housing but I'm not sure how the strobes work. Also, as far as the SLR's go, which one of the available digital SLR's is the best option for someone like myself. It seems the housings are all fairly expensive. Thanks!
  8. Hi. I have been looking to buy a digital camera for use on land and underwater for some time and I am hoping that the experienced users in this forum can help me! I'd like to get a decent system starting out so I won't have to upgrade to soon in the future. I am open to spending more money and get an SLR if users think that it might be the best option, but ideally I'd feel most comfortable making a purchase around the cost of the Olympus 5050. Since I don't know too much about strobes and how to connect them to the camera, I need advice on them as well. I have a laptop (Mac Powerbook) to bring with me on trips and I could download images to it. Some cameras I've considered (but I have no idea what housing, strobes, or accessories to get for taking on a trip) are the CoolPix 5000, Olympus 5050, etc. Thanks for any advice!
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