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  1. uwcolours. - thanks for sharing that! Was very interesting! Hope you get a favourable outcome on those websites. Nice photo btw.
  2. Thanks, I missed that. But was also hoping to see user experiences.
  3. Was wondering if anyone had any experience in using google image's new feature? http://www.zdnet.com/blog/seo/google-rolls...rip-tineye/3463
  4. I just got back from diving Raja Ampat last week. Was on Pulau Pef (raja4divers) with Claudia and Leon. Trip report and pics shortly, but in short - it was awesome. The resort and the diving was fantastic. Being that close to "The Passage" was definately a big plus. Did multiple dives there - couldnt get enough. Truly unique. If you have some folk with you that arent diving - then there is snorkleing , kayaking, hike up the cliff for great views, birds of paradise side trip, fireflies at night, WiFi .... etc. Options not usually available on a Raja liveaboard.
  5. That is a strange itinerary! Wonderful diving all around, but logistically a nightmare. I think that there is a 12 hour time zone difference between Costa Rica and Micronesia, so i wouldnt consider them to be on the same side of the world. But a round the world ticket might work. I would suggest however, that you consider checking out the more famous islands within Micronesia that others have suggested. Truk, Yap and especially Palau for the jelly fish lake. Thats pretty unique. If you want to spend more time in that neck of the woods, then head over to Indonesia. Raja Ampat, Komodo, Lembeh and Bali - im sure they wont disapoint. Eudon
  6. Hi all, Following the discussion on using the 10-17mm Tokina Fisheye on a full frame with the kenko 1.4x Teleconverter... I was wondering if anybody had any success using the Sigma 17-70mm Macro with the teleconverter? Would be great if someone could share their experiences with this combination. Thanks! Eudon
  7. Yup. I think its a confirmed issue. i am having the same problems with the 100mm IS + Kenko 1.4 TC on my 5Dmk2. Turning IS off and/or limiting the focal range does not help at all. Although the fluttering does happen near the correct focal setting. So as i use my thumb to focus (using the AF-ON button), i can just focus till it flutters, fine tune with camera positioning, and then trigger the exposure with the trigger finger as per normal. So you can workaround this but it is a pain. (custom function IV-1-3) However as im trying this out, i occasionally get some weird AF motor noises. So i dont think its recommended. 7 days till Bali... woohoo, cant wait to try this lens on the harlequins and boxers.
  8. Thank you, thank you... THANK YOU! This thread made my day. I've moved to FF (5Dmk2) and was wondering what lens to use for WA. The 1.4x TC with the 10-17mm is a great idea! Now, just what port body length do i use with my 8" dome? (I still use Ikelite) I calculated the length of the TC+10-17 to be 3.56 inches. And checking the ikelite site (via google cache as Ikelite's site seems to be down)... i have 2 options? #5510.16 For lens up to 3.5" with Dome #5510.22 For lens up to 4" with Dome Im guessing the #5510.16 would be correct as its only 0.06" off? Can anybody advise me please? Thanks!
  9. I asked that question quite some time ago, for over and under shots. But someone from Ikelite replied that it may cause fine cracking of the acrylic. Good thing i asked first. Eudon
  10. Hi, I had the same problem so went back to my good old Sigma 15mm FE. Had to get another tube for the 8" dome, but worth it. Wetpixel has a page on dome theory ttp://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/dome-theory/. But basically its about matching the lens to the dome in terms of shape. Location of the lens is critical too. If its not matched, then the light has to travel unequal distances of air in the dome at the edges compared to the middle. Usually at the edges the light has to travel further. Thats my understanding anyhow. No flames pls. Eudon
  11. You should consider the Maldives. Due to the dispersed nature of the dive spots, its best to do a live on board Safari Cruise to get to the various atolls. Most safari boats are well equipped and very comfortable. Its usually a one week or two week deal and normally they visit the central atolls of North/south Male (MAR-LAY) , North/South Ari, Rashdoo and Felidhoo. The best time would be Nov - March, although Oct and April would be fine too. Pelagics: Whale Shark (almost a given if going during the above dates) Hammerhead (Only saw on two out of three trips there) Mantas (almost a given if going during the above dates) Gray reef sharks (almost a given if going during the above dates) Also there are the rare safety stop dolphins, sailfish and wahoo. If you travel far south to the equator (via a domestic flight), you can see Tigers and Oceanic White Tips. Thats usually a 2 week deal though and i personally havent done it myself. So caveat emptor. I lived/dived off a boat called the southern cross. They have dedicated tables for camera equipment, on-suite toilets, air conditioning and even a small pool on the upper deck. The diving is done from a auxiliary boat called a Dhoni. It holds all the dive equip and the compressor ...etc. So at night (and during your afternoon naps) you dont hear the compressors. it was all very comfortable. let me know if you want more details. Eudon
  12. I would second Lionfish's suggestion of the Sigma FE 15mm. Great lens, great price.
  13. Thanks Indigo and all. Big blue also posted some guidelines on a separate thread.
  14. I usually dive with a regular group(s) of diving friends, when everybody is easy going and there are generally no issues when it comes to underwater etiquette. However I was on a dive trip recently in Lembeh and I was on the dive boat with strangers and there were some issues. One guy confronted another who unwittingly hit his subject (poor frogfish) with his fin. Another guy confronted another group of guys taking too many photos with strobe of a single subject. ..etc Also i just read a thread, where a "pro" photographer, Rod Klein, prodded another diver with a pointer to prevent stirring up the silt. Leaving her with a bruise. Link to thread with photos.. http://forum.clubsnap.org/showthread.php?t=336390 So I was wondering if someone could point out a good write up on etiquette as Im not keen on ruining my dives with this type of an experience. Thanks.
  15. Im worried about the AF-ON button. I hope its controlled by the thumb-controlled rotating arm, instead of a push down controller. That button is the AF button when live view is used. (via custom function setting) I think i will be using it quite a bit. =) Eudon www.pbase.com/eudon
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