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  1. Thanks for the replies! I do appreciate what you are saying in regards to just going out and learning how to use the camera first, my point is though that I'll only really have a solid income for the next 2-3 months before I head abroad so don't really have time to spend months learning exactly how to use the camera before I do leave, and hence want to buy the gear before hand while I can afford it. Thanks for all the links, i'll have a read through them now.
  2. Hello! First post on the forums so go easy on me . I'm currently back home for a while saving up before I head back abroad to try and get a job working as a diving instructor. While I'm home I really want to get some sort of basic underwater photography setup while I have a decent income. Reading quite a few reviews I decided to buy a canon s100 for my camera as its really well priced and everyone seems to sing its praises fairly highly. I also read that its really beginner friendly so thought it would be a good camera to start with. From bits of research I think I'm leaning towards getting the ikelite housing as it seems a fairly sturdy and safe housing to go for while still being relatively priced. What are peoples opinions on this housing? Also I was thinking about geting a macro lens and a wide angle fish eye lens. Baring in mind this is the first time I've ever really touched photography making me a complete novice (and completely clueless) but I just want to buy them now while I have the money rather than get abroad where I wont have a solid income and wish i'd bought them beforehand. Any tips and advice on what lenses I should buy and which ones would fit with the ikelite housing would be much appreciated. I've also been toying with the idea of buying a strobe as talking to my friend who is an incredible underwater photographer he always said that a strobe is really important. Do people think its worth me buying one or do you think I'm going a little overboard having never even done any photography before? Any other tips and advise people would give me would be much appreciated! I've been reading lots of basic photography guides about shooting manually and my little s100 has just arrived so I'm going to start toying around with it! If anyone knows any good guides or articles that are worth a read or watch i'd love to hear about them! Thanks, Ben.
  3. Hello, my name is Ben and I'm from the UK. I've been living and diving in thailand for the past several months but I'm currently home for a while to save up some money before I head back abroad. I wanted to join the board to try and gain some tips and advise on underwater photography as while I'm home working I want to get a basic underwater setup purchased for when I head back abroad. Been diving for several years but only took it real seriously the past year. I am currently qualified up to divemaster level and plan on completing my instructors course and MSDT. Ben.
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