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  1. My entire system is being sold because of a back injury which prevents me from diving. All equipment has been properly maintained, works perfectly and is ready to dive. Please PM with any questions. Photos taken with this system can be seen online at: SeaLifeImages.net Nikon D200 camera body Nikon 18-70mm zoom lens Nikon 105mm macro lens Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens Nexus aluminum housing and 4 ports designed for above lenses Pair Ikelite DS125 strobes: unused since 2013 overhaul and new battery packs Pair Ikelite 50 strobes Single Ikelite 200 strobe Strobe sync cords Ultralight strobe arm pairs: 8" and 12" Ikelite TTL converter Chargers, misc gear and instruction manuals Jerry
  2. I photographed something similar in Wakatobi once. I'm no anthias expert, but my guess was female squarespot morphing into a male.
  3. I'm told this is also Dendrodoris carbunculosa. It's a juvenile and much smaller than the above examples. Shot in Hawaii in 30 feet.
  4. Do wonderpus and mimics spend time burrowed in the sand? There are a couple of octopus that I know of that do...the long arm and short arm sand octopus. The short arm sand octopus was described just a few years ago, and I believe the long arm sand octopus may have yet to be described. I've seen both in Hawaii, and your pic looks somewhat like the undescribed long arm sand octopus peeking out of the sand as seen in this pic - http://sealifeimages...8kbYH. Another similarity is the yellow breathing tube (for lack of the correct term). An expert on these guys, and who was involved with describing the short arm sand octopus, is Crissy Huffard of UC Berkeley. I don't know if she's still associated with Berkeley, but a little Google work may locate her.
  5. I've had good luck getting Anthis equipment from DiverVision at http://www.divervision.com/catalog/index.php
  6. The lack of fish you describe is due to what?
  7. What fun, I like it. Thanks for pointing out the technique.
  8. Hi John - It looks like the site is being changed to www.freedivegallery.com in response to the conflict. Problem solved? Jerry
  9. I think the water looks ok, but more strobe might help give 1 & 2 more pop.
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