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  1. Looking for a Nexus D800 housing. Thanks. Bob
  2. In the days of doing macro photography with the Nikonos and extension tubes with framers, Aquatica marketed a set of mirrors called framer enhancers. The strobe was positioned above and close to the subject, and the mirror was below and also close to the subject. The system worked quite well. Proper mirror positioning without the use of framers would likely be challenging but possible. In applications other than macro, backscatter could be quite problematic. Spero che la mia risposta le sia utile. Bob
  3. The kit is already out. I had one installed by Marine Camera a couple of months ago. Everything works great. You cannot switch back and forth between the D200 and D300--after the conversion it is D300 only.
  4. Sorry, I don't have any Subal-specific information, but I do have experience with the Nexus compact fisheye port FP-120-7. With the 10.5, one can focus practically to the front of the dome. With the 16, the camera is unable to achieve focus unless the rear filter is removed. With the filter removed, I estimate that it focuses to roughly 10-15 cm in front of the dome. For c/u flower photography, some people use a wide angle lens on a short extension tube. I've tried the thinnest extension tube available (Nikon PK-11A, 8 mm) with the 16, but this brings the focus too close, about one cm from the front of the lens with focus set on infinity. A diopter that fits in the rear filter slot seems to be ideal--I would be interested if anyone has a source for these. Bob
  5. I have tested the following and found them to be sharp with the WC-3: 60mm macro + WC-3 + 30mm port extension 24-50 zoom + Kenko AC-3 diopter + 30mm port extension 24mm 2.8D +Nikon 3T diopter + 30 mm port extension.
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