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  1. Hi

    I followed the advice of Leidlt and bought some cheap transparent optical cable (endglow). I found the 2.5 mm cable easier to use than the thicker 4mm cable because you can stick it directly in the Bush two hole connector. In a way, the light output is stronger than in the commercial multicore cable. Easy does it! See the picture. For some, a minus point could be that the cable is stiffer than the commercial UWP cables.


  2. Whow, this certainly is a delayed response. Its just to mention

    that Hedwigs trigger works fine in my Ike housing. I use a cable connecting the trigger

    with two LEDS attached to the transparent housing. There is one BUT..it works only with a larger (4mm) diameter

    optical cable. Take a look:



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  3. Hi This is meant to announce that as far as I am concerned the problem has been solved. The solution was to use lager diameter optic cables. I use the same Hedwig trigger as described earlier, but now connected it to a LED port attached via a cable to the lower front side of the housing. See http://www.simplesite.com/builder/pages/preview3.aspx?InitPreview=true&pageid=420484432 (16 July Blog).

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