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  1. I've signed many a petition in the past if there are any new ones out there please let me know Thanks
  2. Hello all, I'm Joe from sunny NJ. My wife and I haven't gone snorkeling in a few years due to various surgeries but will be heading out again next Spring. probably St. Martin or Aruba I had an Olympus 7070 in an Ikelite housing but the camera is on it's last leg. I am seriously considering the Olympus TG5 We like to snorkel in about 20 or so foot of water and constantly dive down to see the various coral heads Trying to figure out if I need a housing, partial to Ikelite made right here and if I need a strobe. Being that we're not always in crystal clear water nor bright sunshine I thought it might help. Thanks for any help that I may receive in the future, and I look forward to learning and sharing on this forum Joe
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