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  1. I've never flown EVA, but am considering it for a Philippines trip. Can anyone (especially someone tall) give me an idea how much better/roomier Elite is than Economy? TIA, Bruce
  2. Hi, all! It's been awhile since I posted here. For those that don't know, I was in a nasty motorcycle accident a little over a year ago (you can read about the crash, my thoughts/philosophizing, and how I survived 4 months in hospitals and rehab facilities, at: http://bruceyates.blogspot.com/2016/06/my-year-of-patience-and-perspective.html). Although I can dive again, starting next month, I won't ever dive cold water/dry suit again (too risky for my reconstructed pelvis). In fact, I'll probably list my two drysuits in the classifieds one of these days (if you're 6'5", 250-ish... ). My first time back in the water will be someplace warm and easy (e.g., Caymans), and we'll see how that goes...but considering the fact that this time last year I was just bedridden and just looking forward to learning to walk again, I think ANY diving will be pretty darn cool! I just thought I'd post this as a reminder not to take for granted how lucky you are to be able to do things you love - like diving - because there's no guarantee you'll still be able to do them a year from now. I'm VERY lucky - I can still dive (albeit in more limited conditions) - but if my crash had been just a little bit different (e.g., at 40MPH instead of 30MPH), I might never dive again, or walk, or even be alive. Embrace every day!
  3. A few more shots from this trip: Feeding, but keeping an eye on me. It was a great trip, thanks in large part to Wetpixel and our two group leaders!
  4. Sorry I'm late in getting some things posted, but here are a few from the past 4 days! I used a Canon 8-15mm circular fisheye for this. Luke (my dive buddy) thinks it is symbolic (of the world, seas, sky, sun, human and animal...). I just thought it would be interesting to try. I guess it's appropriate that I get a grinning whale shark shot... Inspired by Adam's selfie, I did my own version! The first or second morning, one of the crew taking a photo of a whale shark. And last - for now - this is how you photobomb a whale shark!
  5. Outstanding! The more of Indonesia's uw treasures that can be protected, the better! Unfortunately, enforcing such a ban is the critical issue, and I'm less than confident that patrolling resources will be close to adequated.
  6. Answers to several questions: "...The only thing to improve is the cyan halo on the border , is this some sort of chromatic aberration ?" I'm not sure what caused that...or how to get rid of it. But I agree the circular shots would look better without it! If anybody has a solution, I'd love to hear it! "I am relatively new to this fisheye shooting, can I ask how you did the first shot?" Well, you need to have a fisheye lens, and for the circular shot, you need a circular fisheye lens like the Canon 8-15mm lens I used. "Have been considering one of these but am wondering the benefits of the 8mm end, particularly as uptake of this lens increases and the uniqueness of the circular image is well and truely lost. The other benefits would appear to be better image quality and improved focusing compared to the Canon 15mm. Can you comment on that Bruce?" I think I addressed the first part in my answer to Alex. I personally think people will actually get SICK of seeing circular images after awhile, so you really need to feel you can get something (special compositions) out of the 8mm end of the lens that "transcends" the fact that the images are circular. Frankly, I'd love to see a "rectilinear circular fisheye" lens where you had the 180 degree view in all directions but a square or rectangular image (of course, that's never going to happen, since the terms themselves are contradictory)! As for image quality and focusing, I can't compare quality to the Canon 15mmFE because I have a Sigma 15mmFE, but those two 15's are considered quite similar for image quality, and my SUBJECTIVE opinion is that these images are somewhat sharper than my Sigma (which is no slouch). As for minimum focusing distance, there's a definite advantage (the Canon 15mm is 7.9", whereas the Canon 8-15mm is 6.2"). Whether that's worth the extra money, I can't say. If all you want is closer focusing distance, you could just switch to the Sigma 15mm, which is 5.9" and a heck of lot cheaper than the 81-15mm. Bottom line: I feel like this lens gives me a combination of benefits that add up to it being worthwhile: higher quality than my Sigma 15mm for regular fisheye images, close focus, more solid "L" quality build, and the flexibility of a zoom lens, specifically the option to use the circular fisheye (8mm) when I think it might help create a unique image. BTW, I sold my Canon 14mmL II lens, which was "OK" underwater, i.e., not discernably better than my Sigma 15mm, and the proceeds were slightly more than what I paid for this new 8-15mm lens. I feel like that was a definite "step up" for my underwater photography kit. Hope that helps!
  7. Alex, there's no doubt that part of its appeal is the "fun" of getting to play with something different. But I think I will continue to use the lens at 8mm even after the novelty has worn off because it allows for composition that simply isn't possible otherwise - not that the viewer of a photo taken that way will really be able to appreciate its scope (unless you tell them) - but to permit more flexible or unique compositions. OTOH, I already (on this, its maiden voyage) began using it almost as an adjunct to the 15mm end. IOW, I would first try to get the shot I wanted at 15mm, and then take the same - or very similar - shot at 8mm to see what, if anything, it added. Often, I liked the 15mm better (the 8mm perspective just added "junk" top and bottom). But I quite liked some of the results, such as the shot below, which doesn't really look like a wreck shot, but reminded me of a garden path. I couldn't have gotten the full "feel" of that shot with an ordinary (15mm on FF) fisheye. Frankly, if I can get nice photos using it, I can't even imagine the unique shots you could create with one! BTW, I thought you were a Nikon shooter (are you thinking of changing "teams"?)!
  8. I just returned from Truk Lagoon, and spent almost the entire trip using the Canon 8-15mm circular fisheye lens (on my 5D MkII). In all cases, I was extremely happy with the results (other than problems caused by the photographer). The lens focuses quickly and accurately, and photos were generally very sharp (especially those shot at f/8 or higher)! In fact, I believe that from now on, this will be my go-to lens for ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle photography. You can read my brief report on the trip on MY BLOG, or go directly to my TRUK GALLERY on my website. But here are a few examples: I unscrewed and removed the hoods on my Aquatica megadome so I could (with the proper ext. ring) use it wide open at 8mm. I also used it at 15mm as a replacement for my Sigma 15mm FE. I even added a 1.4TC (and extension ring) and used it with the tiny 100mm dome port to try a little "wide angle macro" (although I struggled a little searching for subjects).
  9. Jean, Do you know which zoom gears and which extension rings are needed for this lens yet?
  10. I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Galapagos Islands. You can jump right to my PHOTO GALLERY if you want, or you can read about the trip on my BLOG. Water was particularly cold for our visit, with temps in the mid-50's on many of our dives in the southern islands. That is similar to summer temps here in Puget Sound! In fact, most of us wished we had brought our dry suits or thicker (e.g., 7mm, perhaps with two layers!) wetsuits! The good news is that cooler water temps seem to bring big sea creatures closer to the surface, so we saw tons of amazing stuff. Only one whale shark (at Wolf Island), but hammerhead sharks were plentiful on almost every dive, and surprisingly shallow - even at depths of 30-40 feet! Here, about twenty of them came rushing through our group while we were watching spotted eagle rays glide past:
  11. It's a great lens, and arguably a much better deal than the f/2.8 original or MarkII (which I own), and with good cameras (like yours), you can probably bump the ISO to make up for it being slower than the 2.8, without much noticeable noise. Not to mention the fact that the much lighter weight makes it easier to travel with and hand-hold. I'd say go for it!
  12. I know a few people have gotten their hands on the new 8-15, but does anybody have a sense of when it will be available more widely (e.g., from B&H)?
  13. I don't think it's Safari or Mac - it happens with other browsers as well. The copyright info flashes up on the screen until the slideshow starts on the home page. I'll see if Jerry can fix that. Thanks for the input!
  14. Mike, Thanks for the feedback. The images are only 72dpi, which makes them pretty sharp on most monitors, but I haven't tried one as large as yours. Sounds like the low resolution has its limits... I don't sell a lot of images on the website, but occasionally someone buys one. I know virtually nothing about getting more visitors/potential buyers to come to the website, and haven't spent any time trying to learn (I've got a day job that keeps me busy!), so I'm NOT a good resource on how to use a website for marketing!
  15. I just revamped my website, and would welcome any comments, suggestions, etc. you might have. The biggest change was the addition of a full-screen slideshow when you first arrive at the site. Now I just need to go diving and take some new images! BTW, the site is hosted on SmugMug, and was customized by Jerry Roek, who does great work at reasonable prices (I have no affiliation - just a satisfied customer).
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