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  1. I have the same problem- used camera E-M5 with a third party battery that seems to die quickly. I don't have that problem with the Olympus battery on my EPL-5. Stay with the Olympus battery-IMHO in this case, the price reflects what you get. I've used the Olympus battery for a few years and it still holds up well. Hope this helps.
  2. I use the WA100 with the 14-42. It works most of the time. It will give you the wider FOV you are looking for. I read a review a while back that suggested that the 14-42 gave better results than with the 9-18 with the WA100. Don't know- never used the 9-18. I occasionally run into image issues with the WA100.I like the AOI DLP-03 just a tad better- slightly bigger dome (diameter of 4.75 inches for AO!), but that is a personal subjective view. David
  3. I have both the AOI DLP-03 and zen wa100. The AOI is a tad larger with a diameter of around 4.75 inches, the zen comes in at 4". That surprised me, I expected a 4" dome on the AOI. The zen is better built but the AOI is no slouch either. Both eminently serviceable. My subjective feeling is that the AOI is a tad better though both seem to have issues with in/out shots with "open" f-stops. Couldn't decide if it was dome geometry, environmental conditions, image stabilization or focus considerations/camera technique. Tried quite a few combinations and variables without generating an adequate answer. I am contemplating accepting the field of view penalty and using a flat port instead. Both the 14-42 and the 60 seem to give slightly better images (subjectively crisper images) with the flat port, once FOV issues are ignored, for my working conditions (relatively dark freshwater springs) and photo preferences. May pano stitch to generate greater FOV images for landscapes with limited FOV macro lenses to get the wanted results. David
  4. Hello. From Florida. photograph with micro four thirds cameras (EP-L5 and EM-5). David
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