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  1. Definitely not the best technically, but this shot of a Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO) on eggs was the most memorable diving experience of the year for me. Note the black dots in each egg -- those are baby GPO eyes
  2. Price drops Housing is $900 shipped Ports are $80 shipped Nikkor 105mm macro is $475 Tamron 28-300mm is $250 If you're interested in several items, make me an offer Scott
  3. Selling some gear to fund a new purchase -- let me know if you have any questions (and apologies for the poor photography!) Ikelite D90 TTL Housing -- this housing has just returned from Ikelite after a full service and upgrades (Never been wet!). The housing has been fully serviced and pressure tested after being fitted with the new 4-latch port lock system and focus light mount (a $200 upgrade). This housing has worked flawlessly for me and is an exceptional value for a photo and HD video rig. For example photos and video, see the following links. http://www.youtube.com/lundysd#p/u/4/Rh_NrnVjS5g http://www.flickr.com/photos/raptureofthedeep For more information, see the following page http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/nik_d90.html Housing comes with handles and integrated custom bracket for leash attachment. When used with compatible Ikelite strobes, this housing is capable of full TTL metering (and a ton of manual settings as well). Housing is rated well beyond recreational limits to a depth of 200'. $1400 retail -- asking $950 Ikelite 105mm Macro Port (#5505.5) -- good condition with no major scratches on optical element. Compatible with all Ikelite housings $150 retail. Asking $90 Ikelite 60mm Macro Port (#5502.41) -- good condition with no major scratches on optical element. Compatible with all Ikelite housings $150 retail. Asking $90 Nikkor 105mm Macro Lens. This is the older 105mm f/2.8D that is still a favorite of many underwater photographers. Superb optics with a longer working distance than the 60mm macro. Great condition with no superficial or optical flaws. Lens comes with UV filter for front element protection. Original price >$700. Asking $490 Tamron 28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 macro. Good all-purpose surface lens with a wide working distance. $599 new. Asking $300 Prices include shipping within the continental US. I accept paypal and will ship as soon as payment is received. Thanks for looking and feel free to contact me with any questions Scott
  4. I own both the 60mm and the 105mm for my Nikon, and honestly I use each about 50% of the time. If I'm shooting small stuff (nudibranchs, shrimp, hermit crabs, christmas tree anenomes), I MUCH prefer the 105mm because I have a bit more working distance and my strobe placement has some flexibility. If I'm unfamiliar with a site or viz is crap, I take the 60mm. The 60 is far too limiting if you're shooting on substrate that has dramatic topography. For example, if I'm shooting cloud sponges in Canada, the 60mm sucks because I just can't compose correctly and still light the subject. On the other hand, the 105mm takes more skill/practice. Bottom line -- you'll find a use for both Disclosure -- I shoot in cold murky waters of Seattle, so my opinion is biased
  5. Time to get rid of this rig. 1 Nikon d70s body in excellent condition + 4gb CF card + battery + charger. 1 Ikelite D70s TTL Housing Both items in excellent condition -- work perfectly. Just add a lens and a port and you're good to go. $600 plus shipping for the whole rig Scott
  6. I've decided to upgrade, and as a result I've got my Ikelite D70s housing for sale. It's in great condition -- recently serviced by Ikelite and ready to go $650 + shipping takes it Scott
  7. I'm not sure if this is my favorite image, but it received the most exposure of those I took this year. Taken in less than 10ft of water on a night dive 10 minutes from my home. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  8. Let's try $975 shipped for the package
  9. I've got an older Equinox Pro8 Housing that I don't use. It was built for an old Sony camera -- not sure which model. Make me an Offer
  10. It's time to upgrade my setup -- time to sell my complete Nikon D70s + Ikelite System. Just add your lens, port, and strobe, and you're ready to go. The housing was recently overhauled by Ikelite and is in perfect working condition. The camera is in excellent condition with very few actuations. No strobe, ports, or lenses included. Included-- Nikon D70s Camera with battery 4gb CF card Ikelite d70s iTTL housing Extra o-rings Some images I've recently taken with this setup can be seen here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/raptureofthedeep Items are located in Seattle, WA. Asking $1100 + Shipping for the whole setup. Will also consider splitting the housing and camera.
  11. Alright I want this thing out of my garage $300 plus shipping within the Continental US. That's about 1/6 of the cost of a new housing of this size! Pic is below
  12. Price reduced to $450 + shipping
  13. I have an extra Equinox Housing that I'm looking to get rid of. The housing is a yellow Equinox Pro8 originally built for an older Sony camera. It is in excellent condition -- dome port has no scratches, body is in great condition, and only few minor cosmetic scratches on the wings. The beauty of an Equinox is that you can retrofit any camera of your choice to an existing housing relatively easy -- this particular size housing is best for larger prosumer cameras (Sony FX, VX, Panasonic DVX, Canon GL, etc). Asking price is $500 plus shipping. PM for pics or more details, and thanks for looking. I may also be interested in newer generation small video housings and lighting (HD stuff). If you've got something in mind, let me know.
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