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  1. we recently came across pygmy pipehorses in Anilao (Janao Bay) and i belive this is the same species you're discussing.
  2. my friend pressed to hard and broke one of the pins.. now can't really fix it. damn!
  3. hello wolf eel. do the pins go out of the bulkhead backwards (meaning to where the wire is) or forward (towards where it attaches to the housing)?
  4. got it from bh photovideo last year... do you think they would still replace it?
  5. hi thanks.. but i have an ikelite housing and not an olympus housing.. guess i have to settle with the ikelite domeport and converter lens of olympus *sigh*
  6. I have a sync cord that connects the ikite ttl housing for the 8080 to a nikon sb105 strobe... somehow the connection to the housing port got busted and the strobe won't fire unless i press on it... any suggestions on how i could fix this? danny
  7. Yes i checked that site but using that combination will only give it a focal length of 22 mm.
  8. Thanks for the reply guys! Will do the test... I am using f8 (that's as far as the 8080 would go), iso 50 and shutter speed of 100 to 200 (depending on how far the subject is). observed that at super macro and macro mode the flash output is really intense even though i tried the flash compensation up to -1.0 danny
  9. Hi there, I have no problems using TTL with my new DS125 for my Olympus 8080 connected with a sync cord to my Ikelite housing. However, I found my macro shots too bright (burnt!) whenever I use TTL when I've heard others use TTL for macro and have no problems. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Danny
  10. Hello Gary, Thanks for those ideas... as I am new in the whole underwater digital photography world, I really don't know if there's a ring that could fit on the lens port of the ikelite housing for the olympus 8080 since there's no thread on the port. Will check your suggestions and pics later. Danny
  11. hi Gary, Thanks for the tip.. however I don't know if that would fit the Ikelite 8080 housing unless I buy the dome port and wide angle conversion lens. Danny
  12. Taken in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines... trying to upload the picture but can't... i never really succeeded in uploading pictures in this website... can anyone help me out? generally i see this wonderpuss or mimic octopus in anilao
  13. Hi, Is there a way to get the 8080 converted or have an attachment to convert it to 15 mm? I checked the ikelite website (i have an ikelite housing) that makes it 22.4mm with the wide conversion lens and dome port. any suggestions? Danny
  14. Either I don't know how or it's not possible to switch the camera to manual flash mode when you're using manual settings any suggestions how to do this?
  15. HELP! I recently bought a DS-125 and connect this with a TTL sync cord to my Olympus8080 housing in the ikelite housing. I still want to use my nikonos SB105 strobe on slave mode but it doesn't fire in sync with the camera because of the DS125's preflash (I think)... any suggestions on how to rig this properly? used to connect the SB105 to the housing using the ikelite sync cord but had problems later on with the strobe not firing in sync.
  16. hello, thanks for the replies... no, the camera does not have the disable mode for the preflash... hello jps, please clarify since i'm new with underwater photogpraphy. thanks. danny
  17. HELP! I recently received my DS-125 and have attached it using the sycn cord to my Ikelite Oly 8080 housing with a TTL sync cord. All the other settings work well but when I try it using the FULL setting the strobe would not fire in syc with the camera and I just get a black photo. Will test it underwater this weekend so wondering if anyone could help me before my trip. Thanks!
  18. i bought the olympus 8080 ikelite housing and using a ttl sync cord connected to the sb105 nikonos strobe. it was working well until my sync cord had a kink near the bulkhead connector to the housing and i had to buy a new sync cord. right now i have problems with the strobe since it doesn't sync anymore with the camera after the first shot. normally the strobe fires twice (since the camera flash setting is on slow1 mode) on 1/4 and 1/2 power and once on full power. But now after the first shot it only fires once and not in sync with the camera. what do you think is the problem? when my ttl cord had a problem, sometimes the strobe fires once on 1/4, 1/2 and full mode in sync with the camera.
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