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  1. After a long silence we start uploading again photos on www.poppe-images.com.


    There are 46 622 photos from marine life of the Philippines today. 4500 photos will be uploaded in the coming weeks and over 10 000 are in processing stage. Please visit.


    We need help for corrections on many groups as we are experts in mollusks only (but that concerns 56000 marine species - of which about 5000 are living in front of my house here and we discovered over 2000 new species in the last 6 years. Expected are 12000 species for the Philippines in the short term future). Of the newly discovered ones we could describe and let describe about 250 in the latest two years, looking for funding also in order to proceed fast with the description of the 1800 undescribed ones waiting in drawers. Contact us if interested in this project.



  2. It's also possible to reduce the flash output in TTL mode by using the flash compensation function on your camera (the lightning bolt with a +/- sign next to it).


    Also, you can make a simple test to see whether TTL works (just to be sure). Face the flash towards the camera. The flash output should be very small.  Next face the flash away, and put your hand in front of the port. The flash output should be full blast.


    Would be nice to have to much light and have to turn it down!!!

    from the owner of a single DS50 :)

  3. Hi Ding...


    I've got reasonable results with the following seeting in the Supermacro mode (I use an Ikelite DS50 strobe):


    * ISO 50

    * Manual mode: shutter 1/250 - Aperture F8.0

    * Normally I set AF Mode to SPOT, but for low-contrast subjects I found that iESP provides a faster focusing.

    * Metering mode: I use to set it in ESP.


    Autofocus with low light conditions is painful with this camera. I improved autofocus response with a Fantasea 44 LED light (http://www.fantasea.com/product_details.asp?id=68).  It works great, especially for night divings.


    I think with the lower light I get in scotland the only change I have made is shutter speed now 1/100



    I am going to get a spotting light but dont know which one yet ikelite has a bracket and torch that fits under the DS50 strobe will try this and let u know

    if it works

  4. I dont rinse my camera till I get home. Then I fill the sink with slightly warm water wash all the surfaces and leave it there for an hour or two. then I let it drip dry.



    PS and if I'm not using the housing for say a week I take out the main o-ring and keep it in a sealed bag.


    When I open the strobe battery compartment the strobe is always pointing up. If there is some water in the gap between the cover and the strobe it does not go into the battery compartment and corode the terminals. The battery cover is also stored in a sealed bag.


    All rechargable batterys are kept fully charged (strobe spotting light camera)


    I always take great care that silicone grease is only on the o-rig and use as little as possible. grease is not for sealing its to stop the o-ring bonding to the housing surface.


    That my Opinion and it works for me.

  5. Hey, I have just been to Palau. Nah, not the new one. But the town of Palau in Sardinia, Italy!


    North Red Sea is a great wide angle photo destination. Guarenteed sun. Decent viz. Colourful reefs, clouds of anthias and photogenic ship wrecks. Not the most exotic. But very productive:






    The redsea south not as many divers and big fish. A livaboard like the grand sea serpent!!

  6. Thanks for the reply guys!  Will do the test...


    I am using f8 (that's as far as the 8080 would go), iso 50 and shutter speed of 100 to 200 (depending on how far the subject is).


    observed that at super macro and macro mode the flash output is really intense even though i tried the flash compensation up to -1.0




    How did u get on with these settings? I am going out tomorrow (25/7/06) to try out what I have read here and see what results I get.


    Hope the weather is kind to me as scotland is not know for its good weather


    Will post my results

  7. I have an Ikelite DS50 The one that takes batterys not the new one that u have to buy a nicad pack. Does this mean the second hand value has just gone up. When will the people who design diving kit realise we dont need another battery charger and batterys. we need standard batterys and chargers


    Is it just me or do you have to many chargers and diff batterys?

  8. Hello Gary,


    Thanks for those ideas... as I am new in the whole underwater digital photography world, I really don't know if there's a ring that could fit on the lens port of the ikelite housing for the olympus 8080 since there's no thread on the port.  Will check your suggestions and pics later.




    Hi Danny

    I have the oly8080 with an Ikelite housing a DS50 TTL have u solved the problem of wide angle?

  9. I use Ikelite strobes and like them. The DS-50 works well and the DS-125 even better. It also has a aiming light to help focus and doubles as a dive light.


    Yep the DS50 is good but the 125 is better and the 200 is great it dependes

    how much cash u r prepared to spend PS TTL is the future B)

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