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  1. Their Kickstarter campaign is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/octospot/octospot-worlds-greatest-action-camera-for-diving/
  2. In th UK I see this: List Price: $1,800.00 Our price: $1598.95 You Save: $201.05 (11%) jon
  3. What exactly does "switching from FX to DX on the fly" mean? What difference between the putative D800 and the D700 facilitates this?
  4. Thanks for the answers. I'm actually flying tomorrow so acquiring unusual types of grease isn't an option. I've now been informed the standard grease should be ok, so i'll do a test dive without the camera to check. thanks, jon
  5. Hi, I have a Seatool housing for the D300 and need to get some replacement silicone grease. I'm unable to get hold of Seatool branded grease, but I'm told that I should be able to use standard (Sea & Sea) grease, unless it requires "fluoro-silicone" grease. Does anyone know which type of grease I require? thanks, Jon
  6. http://www.uemis.com/en/company/news/offic...arding_uemis_ag http://diveinside.de/aktuell_Uemis_ist_Insolvent_4492.html About three years ago brought the Uemis AG one of the first dive computer with color OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display - the SDA - on the market and provided with the innovative design of main interest in the diving community. On the website of Money House (info page for the Swiss Commercial Register) to read now that the bankruptcy judge of the District Court of Horgen on society (Uemis AG), with effect from 21 . Opened in June 2011 the bankrupt has the exact entry of the register is: Uemis AG, Adliswil, CH-, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB No 235 of 02.12.2010, p. 24, Publ 5,919,832). New company :. Uemis AG in liquidation company translation new: (Uemis Ltd. in liquidation) (Uemis SA en liquidation). With Judgement of 06/21/2011, the bankruptcy judge has opened the District Court of Horgen about the company with effect from 21.06.2011, 08:30 clock, the bankruptcy;. Accordingly, the Company is dissolved as it will now go further with the AG Uemis and what support questions or Customer problems will proceed, is currently not known - at the moment Uemis AG as a partner is only one mailbox. On the website of the AG Uemis is made ​​to the insolvency proceedings: " Since 6/21/2011, there is a bankruptcy proceeding for the Uemis AG, Adliswil. Orders will not be handled anymore. " Also http://www.tauchen.de/aktuell/news/detail....55&class=59
  7. Depends on what email client and OS they're using and how exactly they tried to save the attachment. E.g., if they're using web-based email with Internet Explorer, then if they opened the JPEG within IE and then right-clicked to Save As, IE allows the user to change the file type to BMP and save it as a bitmap file. I.e. PEBCAK... jon
  8. I use the 45deg viewfiner with the Seatool D300 housing. Compared to the standard viewfinder the pros are it's much easier to use and you get a better view of the image. Cons are the obscuring of the screen. Also at first it's slightly odd to be looking down at a 45deg angle but to be seeing horizontally. I found for the first dive or two i tended to rotate the camera around the line of sight from my eyes when panning. After a couple of dives i got the hang of it and start panning the camera correctly. Now it's automatic and i don't even notice it. I havn't tried the Inon straight viewfinder so can't compare it, but I imagine the 45deg viewfinder would be better for shots where you need your body to be near horizontal, e.g. lying on the bottom. I like it and use it for all dives. This is probably the only negative point for me - the viewfinder is in the way of the screen. I have to rotate the camera 90deg forward so the screen is facing up to allow me to see it. The onwer can install it and remove it quite easily. I remove it for transport and then put it on at the destination. It takes maybe 2mins to install or uninstall. I don't. It locks in place very firmly. jon
  9. Fantastic photos. Here's my favourite, taken in June in the Lembeh Straits, with a D300 and 105mm VR: Jon
  10. Anyone know what Cocos is like round New Year? jon
  11. Another +1 for Diver's Lodge Lembeh. I stayed there with 3 friends for a week earlier this year and we all really enjoyed it. Rob, who runs it along with his wife, is a friendly and funny character - and quite laid-back, fairly typically for a Dutchman. They are located further away from the dive sites than most resorts but we never found this be a problem - the trip back through the main port was quite interesting and provided a few photo opportunities. We had a boat to ourselves so we could pick and choose where we went (though we usually left it to the dive guides to decide), and we had 2 guides between the 4 of us which seemed ideal. All of our dives were in the channel. There's some photos of the Lodge right at the tail-end of my Flickr set for the trip. I should add that this was our first time to Lembeh so i don't know how DLL compares to other resorts. jon
  12. shark species notwithstanding, I imagine the people who email you for permission are unlikely to be the ones you need to worry about.
  13. Interesting video. I also liked the scuba geek article.
  14. The GSS is a nice boat. If i remember correctly, they have a plasma tv and dvd player in the main saloon/dining area, so you might want to take some DVD's as i seem to remember their collection being a bit iffy. Don't let any crazy russians talk you into going down to 90m on Elphinstone...
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