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  1. Need to pay off the credit card after investing in a new full frame system.


    • Olympus OMD EM5 with Nauticam Housing - $500

      • 18335 shutter actuations

    • Panasonic GX1 with Nauticam Housing (2 bodies) - $400

      • Includes a vacuum port from ikelite on the housing

      • Includes batteries and chargers


    • Olympus 12-42 R II lens with focus gear and Nauticam 56 port - $300

      • Works fantastic with macro and wide wet lenses


    • Olympus 8mm Pro Fisheye - $700

    • Nauticam 4.33 Dome - $375

      • Use the 20mm extension for the Olympus 8mm

    • Nauticam 20mm extension - $125


    • Olympus 12-40 Pro lens with gear - $475

      • Works great behind a 170mm zen dome!


    • Olympus 60mm Macro gear $30

      • Use the 45 port along with the 20mm extension for the Olympus 60mm

      • 60mm Macro lens is already sold


    • Olympus 30mm Macro with gear $150

      • Use the 45 port


    • Nauticam 45 Port - $200

      • This port and the Olympus or Panasonic 30mm are what you want for the Nauticam MWL


    • Inon 67mm Macro Wet Diopter - $50


    • Sea&Sea 110 Strobes (2) $150 each


    Would prefer to bundle items together as I don’t want to make a whole bunch of trips to the post office!


    Lots of pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CVAlFWQNRW95tl8X55njiUFwiiVenBp0?usp=sharing

  2. Thank you to everyone for the replies. I reset the camera today and the odd behavior has gone away. Somehow one of the settings I changed caused this, but I am still unsure which setting was the culprit. I was trying to match the settings from my old em5 to the new camera.


    Also, thank you Chris for mentioning that you set a button to a specific focus distance, I definitely want to do that. The em1 has a few extra programable buttons than my em5.

  3. Been using my Olympus 60mm lens and original EM5Mk1 for a few years now. It works fantastic on land and underwater. When I dive with it I set the limiter to the 0.9-.4m setting which makes focusing performance better. This works great with the now older EM5. However, with my new EM1Mk2 the focus limiter doesn't work. On autofocus the lens hunts throughout the entire range. It doesn't matter where the limiter is set, it cycles through the entire range on the EM1. The limiter works properly on the EM5. The lens and both camera bodies are all updated with the latest firmware.


    A lot of times with the EM5 I would use manual focus and just rock the camera back and forth to find the focus. However, sometimes I would use autofocus and place the focus point right where I wanted it. This usually worked very well and focus was quick with the EM5. However, with the EM1 the focus hunts back and forth throughout it's entire range and sometimes takes a while to find focus.


    I can replicate the same behavior on land as well. With the EM5 the focus limiter works as intended; however, with the EM1 it is as if the limiter is ignored.


    Has anyone else dealt with this? Have I missed a setting on the EM1Mk2 that disables the limiter? I looked through the manual but cannot find a mention of the limiter.



  4. I tried to sell this once before and thought I had a buyer. After waiting for payment longer than I should have, I am relisting this for sale.

    Nauticam Housing
    -Serviced in may 2016. Works great.
    -Includes spare o-rings

    Olympus EM5
    -Works great
    -Includes the small flash that's needed for triggering the strobes.
    -includes extra batteries and charger

    Olympus 14-42R lens/Nauticam Port & gear

    Everything works as it should.

    Asking 1200 but am open to offers.

    PayPal is fine.









    More images https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x284zh5zmp4b3o8/AAB4m-oKNwM7ua6jx2aE6a7ja?dl=0

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