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  1. More info here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/world/8183693/Chinese-plane-forces-NZ-airline-out-of-Tonga I have been to Tonga twice and the domestic flights are a nightmare no matter who owns them. Mary
  2. Hi Drew, Yes for the most part people have reported them at Rye pier around May. I have 2 years of images at Rye in May but I have also seen them in these numbers at other Victorian locations in February and September. Also glad I got the cuttles before they went off. Cheers Mary
  3. Hi Alex, I think you have dived this site, Rye pier, with my friend Jimswims. Mary
  4. I just want to share with everyone a "Blue Planet" experience in my own backyard. Several times a year, tens of thousands of spider crabs, Leptomithrax gaimardii gather at various locations around Port Phillip Bay. It is believed as a precursor to pairing off and mating but no-one knows for sure. This is not a seasonal event, it can happen anytime. So it is hard to tell divers prepared to travel when to come. Mary
  5. Hi Steve, Just interested in what others want, not for me personally. Mary
  6. From what I've read I would consider Wetpixel members well travelled. So this is a good group to ask: If you could only choose one location, where would it be? Mary
  7. Thanks Don, What's the main advantage of the converter? I'm guessing it gives you back the full zoom range???? Is it the small dome giving you the soft corners? Mary
  8. I have recently upgraded from crop sensor to full frame D700. If I put the camera in dx mode I will only get 5mp files. I'm thinking of just using this combo on fx mode and zooming up so I don't see the shade of either the lens or dome port. I realise I will lose some zoom range but figure this will be no worse than having a standard 15 or 16mm. Neither of which I own. Are there any flaws to my plan? Thanks Mary
  9. Hi Nexus users, I am currently using a DX Nikon with my Nexus 160mm glass dome, 15mm extension and 10 - 17 Tokina. And am happy with the corner sharpness. When I get my D700, am I correct in thinking the full frame will use more of the edge of the dome and so I should be concerned about corner sharpness again. Thanks Mary
  10. Hi everyone, I am considering upgrading from my Nexus D200 (M5 size port) to a Nexus D700 (M4?? or M6?? port) but the ports are a different size so I will need the adapter as well. I know with the dome ports a small spacer is required, but it will go straight on with macro ports. Has anyone experienced any problems? Do you think it compromises any aspect of the system? Is it easy to get on and off or once it's on it wants to stay on!? What trap have I not thought of? Would you buy one again? I have a bunch of M5 ports and rather stay with Nexus as they are lighter than the Nauticam who I know also has adapters for Nexus ports to Nauticam housings. Thanks for any help Mary
  11. Christmas Island off the Western Australia coast for whale sharks in December January. If you're lucky, you'll see the red crab migration too. I have done both C.I. and Ningaloo. Ningaloo have big boats with too many tourists and their season is not December. We used Wet and Dry at Christmas Island. Small boat equals small numbers with shark and no waiting your turn. Mary
  12. I second the Poor Knights. The best operator is Dive Tutukaka. Mary
  13. Thank you everyone, I am looking forward to getting my new faster sync speed under the local piers where previously I found the backgrounds over, even with my slowest iso. I am going to try sunbursts again too. Is there a flash housing manufacturer which allows communication with Nikons in their housings for auto FP to work underwater? Mary
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