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    Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
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    Any species I haven't seen and big stuff.

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    Nikon D200 D700
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    Nexus D200, Sam Chae conversion for D700
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    Sea & Sea YS300 X3 YS120 X1 Inon z240

About Me

I learnt to dive in 1983 at the age of 19. Eighteen months later I bought a Nikonos 3. I don't change systems often, since then I have had two Nikonos 5, two Nikon 801s, one Nikon F90 and now a Nikon D200 all in Nexus housings. That's seven cameras in 24 years. And I still have three of them. I was the first to buy a Nexus in Australia.


I live 5 minutes from the Queenscliff boat ramp. This gives me access to Australia's best diving... Victoria's Port Phillip Heads.

Too many divers confuse good diving with good conditions. The Heads can be cold or dirty, or both, but it is always dynamic.


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