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  1. Hi there, just wondering if i'm doing something wrong. I follow the Classified forum and choose immediate email notification but it isn't working anymore. It was working perfectly until about a month ago perhaps. I just went into my settings there and unchecked it, then checked it again and saved but didn't get an email and there has been a new post in that time too. I also checked my spam just in case but no luck. - thanks
  2. Is this sold? I'm looking for this exact one.
  3. ok not to worry. I didn't expect it to be so expensive! I got a bike shipped for half that.
  4. I'd be really interested in this!! Will you ship it to Ireland?
  5. Will you ship internationally?
  6. I am looking for suggestions for lights for a GH2 in Nauticam housing. It is for snorkelling only, no scuba diving. I'd rather something small and compact. Is there any available that would clamp to the port instead of the ball arms? Will be doing video and stills and macro too. Thanks - ed
  7. You make a good point about the expensive camera getting flooded. While it didn't cost me 5K it did cost me 1200 euro which is a lot when you don't have any!! It makes sense in some ways to use the same camera above and below water but then in other ways it makes sense not to! I had a look at the G16 and then ended up getting sidetracked with the plethora of options in all the other compacts. It's a minefield really. The decision doesn't get any easier with all the choice available nowadays.
  8. Sounds good! Looking forward to seeing the review and any videos or pics you get with this setup. I had looked at the A6300 myself too but here it costs over the 1000 euro without a lens. So I might save a bit on the housing but I already own a Canon 6D. Unfortunately there are no cheap alternative housings for the 6D. It makes sense to try and use what you have already. I'm very happy with it. Glad you got sorted anyway. It seems to me it's gonna be a big money pit getting into any sort of underwater setup!
  9. hi rugani, how much for the 36132 dome port, the 20 extension and the 8mm f1.8 zuiko lens?
  10. I have been looking at one of the compacts which there are cheap housings for. Would you recommend the G16 over let's say the G1X, G7X, RX100 and all their revisions? I sort of got to thinking the sensor size of he G16 would let it down underwater. The video of the Sony is supposed to be top notch! Although macro on the G-series has always been quite good.
  11. thanks sunnyboy, I am in two minds thinking of getting a housing for the GH2 but then I didn't realise the ports were so expensive and hard to come by. The 6D would be ideal as I plan to keep it for a long time! The image quality is probably as good as you can get and it's only really the video that might force an upgrade. Still it's an awful lot to spend for an underwater photograph. I'd want to use it alot!
  12. Thanks Andreas for the suggestion. I was looking on eBay.de and couldn't find anything!! I can't see the images of it at the moment but I'll definitely check it out later when I get home from work. Thanks for the offer to contact the seller! Thanks makar0n, I'd be very interested in your bits and pieces belonging to the gh2. I only really need the housing and maybe the tray but if you wanted the rest gone we could come to some arrangement. Is there any sort of a port with it? I'd hate to buy that and then struggle to find a port for it. I'm only next door to you in Ireland so postage would be sound.
  13. Thanks for the reply but I can't see the page. It says the page is unavailable. Any chance it's part of a group or something?
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