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  1. hi everyone, this might seem light (and it is), but a friend of mine has a board which ran a photo contest. the board now has 11 entries (large competition) and the contest has ended. We are looking for a jury, you'll ask me maybe why the heck would we want a "good & Pro" jury, well the board has found a few partners and a travel agent to offer a prize, and the jury we had found is not interested for 11 contestants . As we don't really want to loose these "sponsors" (yes he messed up) would someone feel like helping us out on this issue ? I'm sure we can get a T-shirt shipped which is almost the max we could offer (we do have different sizes though ) Hope this will tempt someone, and thanks a lot. If you feel like being 2-3 to have a "decision making" fun process please let me know and i'll get hold of you all. thanks in advance simply for reading and maybe..maybe helping us out
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