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  1. Hi, it is not easy to know what is the best extension port for my DOME 8" and Housing 5D ? I used the 5510.16, but the pictures are bad, problem of deph ! Please can you share your experience ? Thank you very much
  2. Hi, what do think about IKELITE Dome 8" for 5D and 1.4/24mm CANON ? What extension i need to get the best pictures ? I used extension 16mm, but i don't like the quality of pictures. Thank you for your help or experience...
  3. Hi, i'm looking for some informations to know what sort of cable i need to buy to use my Flash Hartenberger 625 with my Ikelite housing for Canon 5D ? If it is impossible to save the TTL system, then i accept to find the correct cord to plug my flash with manual mode. Thank you so much for your help...
  4. Hi, please i want to buy the lens 1.4/24 L Canon but i'd like to know what sort of port i have to use with my dome 8" ? I"ve got the 5510.16 IKELITE. Thank you for your help.
  5. thank you James for your help, in fact my problem is not about black corner, but optical distorsion in corner !! May be i'll try to show you a picture to understand better what is the problem. Thank you and have a nice day...
  6. Hi, i'm using a 2.8/24mm CANON with an Ikelite dome 8" ! But my problem is, i've got some vignetting effect in the corners. So what can i do ? Maybe i need a specific extended Dome but which one ? Thank you for your help... Valery.
  7. Hello James, excuse me for my bad english ! I'm working with housing and DS125 too but now, i need to buy some powerfull light for backlight, but if i buy 2 SS400, i need a slave sensor for each, isn't it ? And what sort of slave sensor do you use ? The old model (orange color) or new for digital (grey color) ? For information, i'm using a canon 5D in my housing. Last question, how do you put your SS400 out the pool ? Maybe with tripods ? thank you very much for your help and congratulation about your work !! Valery.
  8. Hi, i'd like to know if you use the Ikelite Dome 8" with 1.4/24mm Canon ?? Thank you
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