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  1. I used it w/ the Aquatica 8" dome and they are very similar. With the Aquatica, I used about 25mm worth of extension on the dome.







    what do think about IKELITE Dome 8" for 5D and 1.4/24mm CANON ?

    What extension i need to get the best pictures ?

    I used extension 16mm, but i don't like the quality of pictures.

    Thank you for your help or experience...

  2. Hello!


    Since this lens is not on the port chart on Ikelite page, can it work with a port, and if so which one? I'm concerned about the change in length at full zoom. This lens has the following specs: Max. Diameter x Max. Length - 3.3 in. x 4.2 in. 83.5mm x 107mm. The lens changes almost 1.4" in length. What about 8" dome, if it ever becomes available? It has the same diameter as my 24mm f/1.4 so diameter is O.K.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Also, any course recommendations? Any advantages of one over another?







    please i want to buy the lens 1.4/24 L Canon but i'd like to know what sort of port i have to use with my dome 8" ?

    I"ve got the 5510.16 IKELITE.

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Hello James,


    excuse me for my bad english !

    I'm working with housing and DS125 too but now,

    i need to buy some powerfull light for backlight,

    but if i buy 2 SS400, i need a slave sensor for each, isn't it ?

    And what sort of slave sensor do you use ?

    The old model (orange color) or new for digital (grey color) ?

    For information, i'm using a canon 5D in my housing.

    Last question, how do you put your SS400 out the pool ?

    Maybe with tripods ?

    thank you very much for your help and congratulation about your work !!



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