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  1. This is a photo taken with my Nikon D700 with a sigma 15mm fisheye lens, Dual YS-D2 strobes, F6.3 at ISO 200, Shutter at 1/60. Let me know what you guys think of this. I was close to my subject (less than 1 foot away) and my strobes were already pointed outward and were about ~15 inches away from my DP-230 Zen dome but I can still see some backscatter. How would you reduce backscatter in this case? I also notice some glare on the sides of the picture implying that my strobe beams hit the sides of my dome. Any advise from you guys would be extremely helpful. thanks!
  2. Thanks Tim. I realize it is harder to find a used one. People dont normally part ways with their viewfinder once they got used to using it. I guess i need to suck it up and buy it brand new from BS
  3. Looking for a used one. Pm me or email: cusimsteinn@gmail.com Thanks, Daniel
  4. Hi, im interested in your video lights, 2x lights for 150 euro?
  5. Buying either a Sola Photo 800 or 1200. Thanks, Dan
  6. do you still have these by any chance?
  7. gradient

    WTB: YS-D2

    Would like to purchase one YS-D2 if anyone's selling theirs. Thanks Dan
  8. Thanks lads.. do you know the size of the bulkhead nut? Im heading over to a hardware store to get the thin wrench.
  9. Hello guys, I need some advise on how to remove a bulkhead cap from my ikelite bulkhead. Seems very tight. I'm using a mini vice grip/tongue and groove plier to remove it but somehow when i leverage the pliers, the entire bulkhead moves , not just the cap. Please help . Thanks Dan
  10. Hi! Will this fit my 9 inch Zen dome + ND700 Subal housing? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am looking to buy 1 or 2 pcs of the used Ikelite bulkhead to sea & sea sync cord 4118.1 The Ikelite bulheads are in a subal nd700 housing, and will need connection to a Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe. Thanks, Dan
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