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  1. hey thanks for the reply! Would you mind sharing a picture of that setup? I have looked into doing some DIY work to achieve neutral buoyancy too. I think doing it yourself saves money, but more importantly allows you to have full flexibility just by using simple home hardware materials.
  2. Thank you gents. Depending on the application, I might just end up buying and trying both setups. I like Tim's as I think this would add a bit of a trimming effect on the rig, as it also feels a little bit pointing upwards by the port side due to the port float. I like to have the INON's though, they're currently 30% off at blue water photo
  3. Thanks Tim. I find this interesting in that a the dive computer is already in front of me vs having to strap it onto the arm. I do want to know how you would go about mounting the focus lights? Or are you completely omitting it in this setup?
  4. Hello fam, Thought I'd share my rig with you and get some advise on how to make this beast neutrally bouyant. I have ran out of options on how to get it as close to neutral as possible. I only used Stix floats and these were the results: Note they were weighed in freshwater (bathtub setup). Rig for Macro: -Subal ND700 , D700 with Nikkor 105VR 2.8 -Subal FP-FC105VR macro port with custom Stix float -2x YS-D2 with neoprene jackets -2x 8 inch ULCS arms with 3x jumbo stix floats on each arm -2x 5 inch ULCS arms with 1x jumbo stix floats on each arm -2x sync cables -7x clamps -L&M Sola 800 for focus -Macromate (By Backscatter) for supermacro Weight underwater: -1.06 lbs I'd like to get this to at least close to neutral however with 1.06 lbs to go, I don't have space to put on floats anymore. Or do I just do DIY rought and zip tie floats onto the arms? Without the Macromate I got it down to -0.67 lbs tho. Would this be already neutral in saltwater? Any suggestions would be appteciated. Thanks! Daniel
  5. good news. backscatter has them. the part number is ss-1041-s-11a Sea & Sea Ball Joint Base (YS-D1 / YS-D2 / YS-D2J) (No o-ring or hardware) $40 without the O-ring. Cheers, Daniel
  6. Taking a shot at used retra LSD's out there. preferably with mounting module to YS-D2. Cheers, Dan
  7. I agree. The sea&sea ball mount adapters for strobes is what Im looking for. Couldn't find a dealer selling one so dead Ys D1's or D2's work.
  8. Hello fam, Do you know where I could get extras of the ball mount adapter used to attach to the YS-D2's? I couldn't find them anywhere. Thanks a lot. Dan
  9. hi, where can you buy the 10bar with internal laser guides? Cheers, Dan
  10. Hi Andy, where did you get this version of 10bar snoot with internal laser? I looked up backscatter and bluwater photo however they dont seem to carry it. Cheers, Daniel
  11. hi Tim, sorry for the delayed response, but do you still have the zoom rings available? how low can you go?
  12. This is a photo taken with my Nikon D700 with a sigma 15mm fisheye lens, Dual YS-D2 strobes, F6.3 at ISO 200, Shutter at 1/60. Let me know what you guys think of this. I was close to my subject (less than 1 foot away) and my strobes were already pointed outward and were about ~15 inches away from my DP-230 Zen dome but I can still see some backscatter. How would you reduce backscatter in this case? I also notice some glare on the sides of the picture implying that my strobe beams hit the sides of my dome. Any advise from you guys would be extremely helpful. thanks!
  13. Thanks Tim. I realize it is harder to find a used one. People dont normally part ways with their viewfinder once they got used to using it. I guess i need to suck it up and buy it brand new from BS
  14. Looking for a used one. Pm me or email: cusimsteinn@gmail.com Thanks, Daniel
  15. Hi, im interested in your video lights, 2x lights for 150 euro?
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