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  1. I'm on my 3rd strap in 3 years.. and I've gotten quite paranoid, so I've threaded the strap with braided fishing line. This way, if the strap breaks it'll still stay on my wrist. I'll post pictures of how it looks like when I get home. And I just had another amazing encounter with the Sol... at the end of the dive as I was climbing up onto the boat, I checked the dive computer and everything was fine. I took off the BCD, put my hand on the ladder and found that my Sol was all black. The silver faceplate and plastic screen protector had fallen off! Anyway, the Sol now looks more compact and cool without the faceplate, except it now has 4 ugly white patches in the corner which must have been the sticky tape holding the faceplate in place.
  2. Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any mini dome options for Ikelite housings for the Tokina 10-17? Or am I stuck with the 6" standard dome port as the smallest option? I'm a little sick of having that 8" dome taking up so much space in my travel bag. Also getting more and more jealous of nauticam and aquatica shooters for their wonderful port options...
  3. thanks for sharing! just a thought - how about adding that nylon loop across all the existing port covers that you already own? seems like quite a simple job to stitch it over the neoprene. it's a great fix, by the way. i'm going to try it out and see what monstrosity i come up with.
  4. Alex I'm sure that gave you a heart attack! My strap was actually pretty brittle. I could break it just by folding it in half. I'm wondering if this is a batch problem as someone mentioned earlier, or it's common.
  5. i've used a DS51 with inon D2000 before. THe DS51 was connected to the camera housing using the eletrical sync cord so I get TTL. The D2000 was on the other strobe arm, and i left the fibre-optic sensor open and pointed towards the DS51. The D2000 was on STTL mode. With this arrangement, I get TTL strobe control from both strobes, and no extra cords running between the DS51 and D2000
  6. And here's an update on my strap woes. The 2nd strap finally broke clean through about 2 holes away from the dive computer. I wear my dive computer 4-5 holes away, so this would have caused me to lose the dive computer if I didn't realise it. I'm on to my 3rd strap, and am now reinforcing it so that if the strap breaks again I won't have to do another search and recovery underwater. Imagine if I was diving at Sipadan! Then it would have been bye bye Sol, hellp Uemis... ANyway, just thought I'd share how I'm reinforcing it. Got this idea from my friend, who said to weave braided-line (30lb breaking strength) through the strap and tie it off at the pin. This way, if the strap breaks the braided line will still keep it attached to the pin, and hopefully the dive computer on my wrist. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...mp;l=d5e50ef2e0 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...mp;l=7cc4cf9a62
  7. Hi guys, I went to a recent shootout and saw what it's like to have a external viewfinder. So now I'm shopping for a 45 degree one that would fit on my Ikelite 60D housing. I would prefer a VF that can be used on a variety of housings as I intend to get a Nauticam housing in future. Any recommendations, and which adapters I need to get to have them fit on the Ikelite housing? I would prefer not to have any permanent modifications made to both housing and VF. Thanks in advance!
  8. Stumbled upon this thread, and I think it's a great tip to have! My friends and I have quite a few sola 600s between us so we'll keep an eye out for this. Thanks!
  9. You can see more pics and descriptions in this other thread after I went back to dive Sogod Bay for the second year http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38750 Eileenchangs, drop me a PM if you want to know more about getting there. Personally I prefer Peter's Dive Resort. Now my girlfriend says she wants to go in December this year. So I guess there will be a third time back there?
  10. Nick, thanks for the very helpful information. The 1-5fps I was referring to was the playback of the MOV file in the Vegas trimmer. Even in Quicktime, the MOV files stutter on playback. I suspect I might need more RAM, so I'm going to go get 8Gbs of RAM and run Win64 to see if it will make a difference. When you say Does it mean I will have to convert the native MOV files to one of those formats? What's a good converter? I've tried MPEG streamclip, but I've read that it's not very good for converting MOV to avi. Thanks again for your help
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a new video virgin with a Canon 60D. I'm having some problems in these areas, and was hoping that some of you could share your workflow and tips on how to have high quality video to share on the interwebs. 1. I am using Vegas Pro 10 which has trouble viewing the H264/MOV files that the 60D produces. My frame rate drops to 1-5fps and it's next to impossible to trim with any accuracy. I learned that I should convert them to an easier format to edit like AVI or M2TS. I've tried that and it works. But I'm wondering if there is a drop in quality due to the conversion? 2. After putting the clip together, I would like to share them on the internet. What encoding options should I use? My source files are 1080p/30fps. I have tried encoding as a MOV file (and also Sony AVC/AVI and lots of other combinations) and a 16 minute video came up to be 2.7GB which is too large for sharing on facebook and youtube. 3. I am now using Vimeo plus, but the quality from the stream isn't as good as it was from my encoded file. Is this because of the extra encoding that Vimeo does? How do I get the better quality when using Vimeo? I see "blocks" in the Vimeo video that I don't see on my source files and also on other properly done Vimeo files from other users. Here's an example of a short video from my trip that I recently created using the steps above. Thank you in advance! http://vimeo.com/21191139 [vimeohd]21191139[/vimeohd]
  12. I thought the i-Torch was pretty nice too, but I had trouble finding a dealer in Singapore. Then I was sold by the small size and weight of the Sola 600. i can't imagine adding another 3-4 lbs on top of a 30lb camera rig with strobes and arms.
  13. Dive 150 now, and I've just had my second strap break on me. Anyone else has this problem? The funny thing is the straps break where there is no stress. This time, the excess length of the strap broke for no reason. I didn't get it caught on anything. After a couple of dives on a recent trip, I found that the strap had broken about halfway down the width. It's that part where you tuck the excess length into the back of the dive computer.
  14. you can have the Singapore Sling cocktail on any Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight.. as many as you want, all night long. Just be nice to the cabin crew and you'll get anything you want.
  15. good to know that at least L&M is doing their best to fix the situations.. honestly i sometimes wish mine would die so I could try to swap it for the Sola 600 Photo instead. Will be nice to be able to choose between spot and flood! Sucks that it was only announced 1 week after i got mine.
  16. Hey Stu, you must be the group of Canadian divers Jun was telling me about. You were there for a whole week right? Sorry to hear that you bruised your ribs.. rough weather? We had some strong winds and choppy seas when we were there especially in the morning and evening. But whaleshark time was great! I like the perspective of your first shot.. it really shows how big the whaleshark is. Did you guys have hired spotters in the little boats too? What did you mean by the local officials not understanding what you wanted? Gina, thanks! Somehow I had a macro lens on and no subjects, so I tried to pass time with this very shy anemone fish. Glad you liked it! Olly, you can see more of my pictures here: www.colouredshots.com/site/underwater.htm I've got lots of shots of the whalesharks on the left and I'll submit them to whaleshark.org and drop you an email too. I remember spotting 1 or 2 whalesharks repeatedly on the same day or the next day. They were quite recognizable as one had 3 prop cuts on the tail, and the other had a open wound on the lip.
  17. both camera and housing have been sold. How do I change the title to reflect that?
  18. yes count me as one of them. hard to imagine that there would be an explosion of different product lines so soon after the initial product launch. it's not something we see very often in the underwater imaging world! do you think they will accept trade-ins?
  19. Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell the following: 1. Canon 40D camera only - US$600. With battery, charger, CD, box, etc etc. Carefully used, few user marks. Rating 8 conservatively as it is used but not abused. Maybe less than 15k clicks, or even 10k. 2. Ikelite e-TTL2 housing only - US$900. Also fits 50D. Comes with standard Ikelite tray and handle. Just been upgraded to 4-port lock, and top focus light holder added by Ikelite USA. Basically given a new front half, so housing is 85% new. Complete o-ring overhaul also included. Rated 9 conservatively for some surface scratches that are inevitable. Get the whole set at US$1400 nett to me. I'm shipping from Singapore, and can accept paypal e-checks. I can also include brand new ports at cost to help you build your kit. My ports are used and scratched, so I intend to keep them. Please contact me at john@colouredshots.com Open to offers, but not ridiculous ones like $500 for everything. Thanks!
  20. Hi Steve, thanks! It's so rare that we ever see ourselves in the many pictures we take! I also had the chance to try some video using an IXUS 300HS. Initially the plan was to mount it on top of my DSLR housing (which we called "C-on-C"), but I couldn't find a proper mounting screw for the Ikelite housing for the IXUS. Why can't Ikelite use standard tripod mount screws like the rest of the world? Here's my very amateurish video clip on Vimeo. Warning - take 2 motion sickness pills 30 minutes before playing video http://vimeo.com/17078236
  21. You can pick up some cool and stylish 3D glasses here http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/cat....1202~search.3D I've got my oakley lookalikes so i can look cool while i sit in front of the computer and watch 3D clips. it's free shipping! lots of other nice gadgets in the store too.. i've been spending way too much money there
  22. Hi everyone, my friends and I were shopping for a focus light, and we only wanted 3. But we got a decent offer if we bought 5 L&M Sola 600s, so I now have 2 brand new ones for sale at US$515 each. They retail at about US$579 in most stores. Warranty will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and I can provide a copy of the sales receipt for warranty purposes. I'm based in Singapore, and will include shipping to the US or EU and insurance in the price. Please PM, or email me at john@colouredshots.com for quicker response. Thank you!
  23. Hi everyone, I just got back from a second trip to Sogod Bay in the Philippines. You can see my previous trip report and specifics about getting there below http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27922&hl= The trip was.. I'll let the pictures do the talking . . . . . DAMN GOOD TRIP! my self portrait with my shaky left hand struggling with the weight of the rig. :bsmilie: Peter's Dive Resort had recently renovated the dining area, so it's now air conditioned, and comes with free Wifi! There's also a basic gym and treadmill beside it, but I don't think any sane diver is interested in lifting weights other than camera rigs! The night dive at Burgos jetty was still as superb as ever. It's the only night dive where all the jaded divepros actually did a night dive! We spent almost 80 minutes at the jetty just busy spotting creatures and watching hunting lionfish. Still the best night dive site for me! We saw seahorses, dwarf cuttlefish, stargazers, flounders, pipefish, lobsters, Saron shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish, fanged blennies, snake eels, decorator crabs by the ton, candy shrimp, hunting lionfish, and more - all in 2-8m of water. The dive center seemed reluctant to take us snorkeling with the whalesharks for the 1st 2 days and kept planning more dives for us. Later we found out it was because there has only been 1 sighting the whole of last week, so they didn't want to deal with disappointed guests. However we insisted on going on the 3rd day (we only had 4 days there!) and were richly rewarded with a close encounter with a juvenile 4m whaleshark that circled us for a good 30 minutes. we also saw another couple of whalesharks within the next 90 minutes before heading back for lunch. We went back again the next day and saw maybe 5-6 whalesharks but they were all short encounters. #1 5fps. Pray and Spray. the juve that played with us and tried to ram all of us many times #2 I think I saw a magazine cover with a picture like this. it looked much better than this, of course #3 I like how the textures and colours all fit nicely in this pic #4 huge barrel sponges at napantao sanctuary. it's been a sanctuary for 16 years and the abundance of fish and health of the reef was evident #5 trying out some "aaron wong" lighting.. still far short though! #6 playing chicken. taken with 10-17 at the widest end, uncropped. #7 Jaws (note to self: over-unders only work when you have strobes! haha) #8 the many roaming seahorses at Burgos jetty #9 Kamikaze whaleshark trying to figure out if the boat was edible hope you enjoyed the pics as much as we enjoyed the amazing experience! more here: www.colouredshots.com/site/underwater.htm
  24. Hi everyone, I'd like to thank all of you for your responses. I took the plunge and bought not 1 but 5 Sola 600s before my trip to Sogod Bay in the Philippines. It's an amazing little light! It performed beautifully as a focus light, and I also tried it for macro video. the lowest setting is bright enough for macro video for a total of 300 minutes of burn time. The red LEDs were like black magic underwater. The mandarinfish didn't even know we were out there until it got fried by our strobes. Even the saron shrimp came out to play in the red light but promptly scuttled under rocks when i turned on the white light to see what it was. The funny thing was, with the red LEDs I seem to be spotting more things than normal. Shrimp eyes were like beacons in the distance, and lobsters were just shouting "eat me!" (we left them alone, of course. too small! ). I was shooting some coral crabs hidden in staghorn using the white lights, and when i turned on the red LEDs to try it out, I was shocked to see 2 morays just 5 inches away from my camera left. somehow i had missed them with the brilliant white light. maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me? i had a sticky slider switch that would get stuck every time i pushed it downwards, and it seemed like no amount of washing/rinsing/swirling would get it to not stick. It's not a major problem, but should I get it replaced? P.S. not all 5 were for me... 2 were for my friends, and I still have 2 left over at a special price. the local dealer offered us a bundle deal we couldn't refuse. to think i walked in the shop to look at closeout lights and walked out with more than $2.5k worth of lights!
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