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  1. Hey everyone Im planning a trip to the Bahamas (Looking at going to Bimini but not booked in yet). I am going in the first week of December. I have done lots of research and found lots of different places to dive with sharks. But I am looking for some advice. I would like to do the hammerhead dive in Bimini but after speaking with Neil Watson I see that they only do Scuba and not free dives with the Hammerheads. I would love to free dive with the hammerheads mainly because I like using natural light for my Underwater photography. Anyone no a place that lets you free dive with sharks there? I have also seen lots of cool Shark photos with Lemon and reef sharks feeding around sunset. Are these photos of just normal recreational divers going out or are there charters that do Sunset free dives with the sharks? Also are there other places on Bimini to see the baby lemon sharks beside paying to see them through Shark Lab? Is it possible to just swim through the Mangroves there and find them, Thanks for the help, Jim.
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