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  1. Hi! I am Liz. I am New to diving, not to photography. I am sure I will love it, esp. if I can shoot underwater! I am trying to decide how to proceed. I currently have a Canon 7D. I am very torn on buying the housing for it, or if I am better off buying something like a Hero5 for underwater. Part of my issue is cost. ( having just spent thousands for my own gear and classes for myself and hubby) The other issue is that I have been talking about buying a 7DII for some time and haven't pulled the trigger. I guess for the value I would get out of my current body I may as well just keep it for water use.... or I could save up and buy the 7DII and the II case... what do I do??? Any suggestions on where to look for a used set up for a 7D or 7DII would be appreciated. I didn't see anything in the classifieds... I appreciate everyones help in advance - I'm just starting and not sure where to start!
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