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  1. I used the good ol' Run-a-Dub Laundry marker on my shiny ring and it took care of the reflectivity.
  2. I am extremely happy with the Gates housing for my HC7 The manual WB is easy to use.
  3. Make sure to take the opportunity to visit the Ranger Station in Chatham Bay, the suspension bridge is well worth seeing. If you are going on one of the Hunter boats, make sure to read the Christopher Weston 70 page book on the history of Cocos. The Okeanos may also have a copy, I don't know since I have only been on the Hunter boats. Enjoy
  4. I have the HC7, Gates housing and SWP25. And I was at Cocos last June. You will want to set the manual focus. The HC7 tends to search in the blue water on auto. I used the red filter with manual WB and did not have any problems. The shot of the hammers with the sun behind them at Alcyone won't be a problem with the filter, you will be at 100-110 feet looking up. You won't need the lights except for night dives, unless you really want to swim with them for a few close-ups of critters. The sharks won't get close enough for the lights to do any good during the day. However, the SWP25 is great for bringing in the action. One last thing; if it has been a few minutes since your last shot, the HC7 takes a few seconds to start filming again and that wait can be infuriating.
  5. You could contact USVH and ask them for a copy: http://www.usvh.com/Contact.html
  6. I was snorkeling with some in the Maldives. On one pass the tail of one of the whale sharks gave me a nice firm shove through the water, but it was fun. Just protect your camera.
  7. That is what I do. I have my slate mounted on Loc-Line. I swing the slate up, zoom in and WB thru the UR filter. I then swing the slate under the housing out of the way.
  8. Raising a glass of kangaroo juice to toast ya’ll a Very Merry Christmas
  9. I got a glass red filter and prior to replacing it I called Gates to ask about the glue. They told me it was silicon glue and it didn't take much. They also told me since my glass filter was a little thicker, I wouldn't need it. I have found that to be true.
  10. You will like the Gates housing and SWP25, I have both and really like mine. I am really interested in going LED and waiting for more field reports before deciding. OT - I made a bracket to keep the float in place on the SWP25. If you are interested in making one I can PM you pictures and details.
  11. Simon, It is, I have one, full zoom through capability to capture subjects as small as ~1.5in / 38mm in full frame. Michael, It is the only port I have, and I am very happy with it.
  12. If you are going with the Gates HC7 housing, you might want to kick in a few extra dollars (well maybe more than a few) for the SWP25. It is a fantastic lens.
  13. Thanks for the pictures. I am really interested in these lights. Do they have multiple power settings? If so, what percentage do they set to?
  14. Gates shows the Dow Corning 55 Silicone Lubricant on their website. About 3/4 of the way down under the Cleaning and Maintenance section: http://www.gateshousings.com/accessories.html#parts
  15. I put my housing and tapes (green case) in a UK housing (large gray case) which I pack inside of a suitcase. I also pack my batteries (black case), chargers (yellow case), spare parts - hoses - tools - etc (soft blue bag), and my fins in the same suit case. Finally I threw in a couple of light wetsuits just to add filler. It all comes to 68.5 lbs. I placed a copy of the instructions for the housing and lens on top of the housing, in case the TSA didn't know what it was. I use a TSA lock on both the gray case and the suitcase. TSA got into the suitcase, but never opened the gray case to look at my housing. I wanted to lock it just so I would know if the TSA played with my housing.
  16. I have the Gates for my HC7 and really like it. The thumb and index finger on my left hand are messed up from herniated discs, but I don't have a problem with the manual controls. If you decide to get the Gates and want a great lens, I highly recommend the SWP25.
  17. The DAN exclusion you may be thinking of is "Items lost while in your care, custody and control - while in use both in and out of the water, dropped overboard or swept over-board" If they didn't have that, there could be a lot of obsolete equipment dropped overboard I would think that if a dive guide dropped it, then DAN should pay for it since it was not in the care, custody and control of the insurer. Just my opinion though.
  18. I use the DAN H2Oinsurance - https://www.h2oinsurance.com/default.asp They don't replace the equipment, they pay you cash.
  19. I am interested in buying some new lights for my Gates HC7, so let me try this question again: What would the beam angle be on both the Sunray 1000 and the 2000?
  20. What would the beam angle be on both the Sunray 1000 and the 2000?
  21. Liz, Excellent review and documentation. Overall, how negative is your light setup, not counting the video housing?
  22. I always pack my batteries by themselves in a Pelican box. That way, the batteries are isolated. I also tape a couple of pictures of how the batteries are packed to the inside of the lid to help both myself and the TSA with repacking. I use bubble packing to make sure the batteries do not move around.
  23. To darken up the silver of the HC7 barrel that was showing up thru my SWP25, I used a Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry Marker. I only needed to cover the inside bevel, since that is all that shown thru. And it won't wash off if I flood the housing
  24. I know the feeling, the sharks just don't seem to understand they need to give about 5 seconds of notice before making their entrance. I know you had a great time, Cocos is fantastic
  25. Erik, Hopefully you are getting a housing that allows manual white balance. Enjoy your new camera
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