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  1. Thank you! Speaking of alternatives to the WWL-C; do you have experience with the WWL-1B as a decent fit for a point and shooter? A fellow forum member here recommended that lens as well.
  2. that's really good feedback - thank you! The main reason I got excited about the MWL-1 was the fact that I can use the MWL-1 on a double flip together with a macro lens. Not sure if I want to start swapping out lenses during a dive and then drag a large WA lens with me if not in use - I might be better of just having dedicated macro or WA dives. That said, looks like the WWL-C is still the better option for a compact camera compared to other WA wet lenses in terms of usability (?).
  3. Thank you ChrisRoss and hyp! I got feedback from Backscatter and they are saying this: "I would not recommend the MWL-1 as its not sharp and on the LX 10 has a very limited zoom range... for a wide lens the WWL-C is your best option." Looks like there is no point going with the MWL-1 and be limited at best. The WWL-C might be a better option for my setup. Appreciate the feedback here!
  4. Excellent - Thank you! Now, I wonder if the MWL-1 is worth the money compared to other wet lenses... but I guess that's probably another can of worms. Thanks again.
  5. Thinking about adding the MWL-1 to my LX10 in a Nauticam housing but not sure if the LX10 is actually compatible with the MWL-1 since it is designed for 60mm. Asked my local supplier and they don't think it should be an issue. However, it would be great to get some more feedback here as well before paying quite a bit of money - Is anyone using this particular setup? Thanks for any pointers.
  6. Very useful information and great pictures!
  7. Hi there, Can you please let me know about cost for the items individually if not in full set? Thank you
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