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  1. I'm interested. You can contact me directly at mitchmberger@msn.com. Thanks!
  2. My GF1 - my favorite camera of all time was stolen with all its lenses, so I have to re-gear before I leave for a trip to Hawaii. I'm interested in the following, 1 NEX 7 body (I already have one) Nauticam NA-NEX7 housing Nauticam 45 degree view finder 4.5 inch Nauticam Dome Port Nauticam Macro Port Vacuum Pump/bulkhead Lenses: Sony 18-200mm Zoom Sony 55-210mm Zoom Sony 3.5-30mm Macro Sony VCL-ECF1 Wide Angle Sony VCL-ECU1 Fish eye Sony 2.8-16mm Wide Angle Do the housing and ports have spare o-rings? Do you have spare batteries for the camera? Any other items that come with? Boxes, manuals cases/bags etc.? What would the video lights cost? You can email me directly at mitchmberger@msn.com.
  3. I'm interested in buying a Nex7 housing - don't bother to contact me if you're offering on of the no-name or lame-name Chinese models.
  4. To be clear, it's just the camera and lenses but no housing?
  5. After I used google translate to resend my inquiry in Japanese I heard back from Dive Tail. I would still be interested in hearing about other people's experiences with the company and their housings.
  6. I have been trying to get an answer from Dive Tail/Nautilus about their GF1 housing. I've used their email address and haven't got an answer. Has anyone had luck dealing with them, and has used their GF1 housing?
  7. Caught this guy while waiting my turn to take a pic of a blue ring octopus in Lembeh late last year. Can someone help me with the name? Thanks masguy
  8. I just got an e-mail newsletter from 10Bar which states they are planning (subject to change) to make a housing for the Panasonic GF1. Customer interest could help make this happen, here's the email address - service@10bar.com let 'em know if you want one. I love Ikelite but they don't make housings for Panasonic cameras. This is too bad because the LX3 is the best compact camera out there and the GF1 seems to be edging out the Oly ep-1 in quality and functionality.
  9. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Thanks for the sad news. Singapore Air made those long trips bearable. When we were in Sipidan last summer, the deciding factors were; Go while It's still there
  10. Thanks Ellen - lets hope they haven't removed th free internet connections from the airport. In two weeks there's going to be a dive show in DC (I live nearby in MD) and some folks from some pacific destinations will be there. I'm going to try to find out if there's anything comparable to the old Singapore Air, and will post what I learn. Thanks
  11. My wife and I were planning our next Pacific/Indian Ocean dive trip and were shocked to learn that changes have been made at Singapore Air. SA used to be the best way to fly to the Pacific; big comfy seats, food service, and just plain good service. But now apparently Singapore did away with its coach plus service (comparable to other carriers' business class). Is this just mindless hysteria on our part, or has there really been a change? So, has anyone here flown coach on Singapore in the last month, on the LA or DC to Singapore route? Any changes? If so, what is the new experience like? Is there any other airline that still has the old Singapore Air service and comfort at the old SA price? Thanks
  12. Thanks folks, for all the input. I'm going to go with the canon 60mm usm, and accept the fact that I'll need two lenses. Masguy
  13. Travy, You're lucky when you can find a perfect solution to gear transport. I gave up trying and made a comprimise that has worked well for me on about a half-dozen international dive trips. My solution starts off with the basic assumption that even the best gear protection is meaningless if your bag is lost or stolen along the way, so the best solution is the one that allows you to keep your gear by your side (the only exception is putting a bag in the cargo hold on the runway - so you see the bag go on board). With the above assumption in mind, I put my most delicate equipment in a Pelican 1510 (the largest Pelican case that can be carried on - and it has wheels) and carry the rest in a generic gear bag that has pleny of pockets and padding. This bag is also where I put heavy stuff (because they don't weigh carry ons - - - yet). Two additional tips on gear storage: Eagle Creek makes all kinds of small mesh and cloth bags that are perfect for cords, cables, extra memory cards, plug adapters, etc., take a look here: http://www.eaglecreek.com/accessories/packing_cubes/ To keep all those cables organized I use Velcro "get a grip" straps that are available in almost any hardware store and lots of other places - here's a link: http://www.officemax.com/omax/catalog/sku....category_Id=795 By the way, if you put a lock on a bag - make sure it's tsa approved so that your bag can be opened for inspection. Hope this helps masguy
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