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  1. Thanks Steve, I think you have just given me the quote I needed for the book!
  2. Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate them all, even the negative comments - it's ok Tim the creatures weren't disturbed as the soldier's guns aren't real! On a serious note (and without wanting to start a huge disturbing marinelife debate) I have been extremely careful with the marinelife when shooting these images as I knew I would receive the odd negative hypocrytical comment, every single underwater photographer disturbs the marinelife, whether it be blowing bubbles into schools of fish, flashing powerful strobes in the eyes of minute subjects, baiting sharks, shooting nautilus that have been brought up from the deep by fishermen, the list goes on and on. My placement of 8mm miniatures have mostly been on sand and when the creature is on the move I have tried to anticipate the direction, in Lembeh the blue-ring octopus crawled over a plastic flip-flop, a mug, dodged a floating nappy and then crawled over a plastic lighter so my little minaitures were nothing compared to its usual plastic obstical course. The images are being re-posted and don't generally have the text and explanation behind the series which I included in the original article, I started this project a year ago and wanted to create images that would reach the general public and could also be used for educational purposes, especially for children as they would seem like fun pictures - the men repairing the tunnel explain exactly what the shrimp is doing for the goby etc. The next series of images I have planned will be more environmental, miniatures clearing plastic, fishing nets and garbage from the seabed, I already have the garbage truck, dump truck etc, just need to get underwater. If you haven't seen the entire series they can be seen here; They actually follow a surreal theme of people living underwater, first the creatures attack, miniatures fight back and then they all live in harmony. Bizarre I know and yes maybe I have lost the plot! Jason
  3. Sorry I'll try that again; Have 2 I'm afraid - sorry! The first is from a very enjoyable trip with Julian, Dave (Scubacam) and the legendary Rodney Fox, no matter how many times I photograph great whites the the buzz being this close is always electric. Plus what I really enjoyed about the Fox experience was the bottom cage that really gave a different photo opportunity than Guad or SA. The 2nd is a wreck - never thought I would be posting a wreck however the time it took to get this right and the fact it sat at 30m and we had no nitrox made the result very satisfying. Plus the amount of time it took to train the batfish to swim towards the open door where I had the slave strobe hiding took forever!
  4. Hey Matt, my fellow Scubazooer Simon Enderby was also there at the same time and I have therefore seen images of the various hooters girls, I think it's only fair you share an underwater image with the wetpixel members!!!
  5. My two favourites, the first because we spent two weeks sitting in a dug-out canoe for 7 hours a day trying to get close to the leatherbacks (on snorkel) and finally on the 2nd from last day I managed to get below one before she dived down. The second shot because it's a classic pantomime - 'look behind you', Roger was so fixed on holding his shot on the mother & calf (out of shot) that he didn't even realise the escort was behind him.
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