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  1. Just returned from a 3 wk trip to the BVI. Have had good experiences. Easy handling and button accessibility- the on-camera ikons are clearly visible through the plexiglas. The built-on external shade is indispensible for bright lite photograhy. Solidly built, easy to assemble and slightly negative buoyant. The Aquatica's articulated arm(extra $) was a breeze to manipulate U/W in any position.The Aquatica's screw-on U/W 19 mm lenses is fantastic- in fact most of my pics were taken with this lense(see pic attached next to HMS Rhone). When not needed I just unscrewed it and placed it in my BCD. One note is to remember to sparingly add a zinc based lubricant on the stainless steel screws to avoid ionic bonding to the aluminium housing. Apart from that this housing is great for pros and students alike ( I am somewhere in-between).
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