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  1. This is now available again. The sale feel through. Selling price is $3000.00 plus $100.00 shipping the US mainland.
  2. Price reduction - $5000.00 (Plus $100.00 US Mainland)
  3. Nauticam 45 Meter BNC Monitor Cable with Pelican Case. This cable has been my "back-up" cable for my Nauticam 502B Monitor. It has been in the ocean twice for use. The cable comes with a Pelican case travel and storage. I also used the case for misc. accessories. $450.00 USD (shipping $25.00 to US addresses) Contact: Greg Lundsgaard glund88@gmail.com or 805-680-7556
  4. Sea & Sea 12mm Wide Angle Lens with Nauticam Housing Adapter This lens is a very rare and difficult to find lens I've used on my Sony A7SII / Nauticam Camera package. The uniqueness of this lens is that it is a rectilinear lens (straight line, none bending wide angle photographic lens) as opposed to a "Fish Eye" distorted "bent"lens. The other, and most important, feature of this lens is that with the Nauticam adapter it becomes the lowest profile ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens available for the Nauticam Housing. It's an amazing lens! I purchased this lens new from a private party in France about 3 years ago. It's in perfect condition. You will be amazed at the photographic quality of the images. $1200.00 USD Shipping included to the US Contact: Greg Lundsgaard glund88@gmail.com or 805-680-7556
  5. Nauticam / Sony A7SII Complete Camera Package. All of the items listed are in excellent condition. This package has been very well cared for. The following is included in the sale: Nauticam Sony A7SII Housing, Sony A7SII Camera, Sony 12-24 F4 G Zoom Lens, Sony 16-35 F4 ZA OSS Zoom Lens, NauticamN100 to N120 Port Adapter, HDMI Bulkhead M16, M14 Vacuum Valve, Zoom Gear for 16-35 Lens, Focus Gear for 16-35 Zoom Lens, Nauticam N120 180mm Glass Wide Angle Port, Zoom Gear for 12-24 G Lens, Focus Gear for 12-24 G Lens, Extension Ring 40 w/Lock, (4) STL "Behing the Lens" ND Filters with Case, (1) Sony Camera Battery, (2) External Camera Batteries/ Charger & Cables, (3) Landyard & Snap-hook Braided carry Straps, Case Cruiser Custom Case, Pelican 1060 Micro Case For Spare O-Rings and Housing accessories, Nauticam / Ultralite Mounting Brackets for Monitor (selling separately), Media Case. Package Price $6500.00 (shipping to US Mainland $200.00) (This sale does not include the Monitor package shown in one of the photos, that is being sold separately) Contact me at glund88@gmail.com or 805-680-7556 (There are more photos showing the lenses in detail and other parts of the package available upon your request.) Greg Lundsgaard
  6. Nauticam / Small HD 502B Monitor Package for sale. This is a complete monitor package in a "Pelican style" custom travel case. This is part of a camera system that is also for sale, listed separately, which is a Sony A7SII / Nauticam Package as shown in one of the photos. Included in the package: Small HD 502B Monitor, Nauticam Monitor Housing, Pelican Micro Case for Housing Accessories (as shown in Photo), 6 Sony "L" type Batteries, Sony Battery Charger, Nauticam Monitor Hood for Screen, 45 Meter BNC Cable for surface Viewing, Case Cruiser "Pelican Style" Molded CUSTOM CASE, Mounting Clamp. The package is in excellent condition. The camera shown in one of the photos is not part of this sale. It is available separately. $3000.00 USD plus shipping ($100.00 to US Mainland from Hawaii) - MONITOR ONLY Please contact me at glund88@gmail.com or 805-680-7556 Greg Lundsgaard
  7. Hello, I've always used an external monitor if I can. To me, the lager the image that I can see, the better I'm able to make decisions whether I'm shooting stills or video. I'm using a Nauticam housing with a Sony A7SII in addition to a Nauticam housing with a SmallHD Super Bright monitor. The batteries are separate as I believe all external monitors are. Yes, it is a more bulky rig, but most of the time it's not an issue. When I'm using my Sea & Sea 12mm Fisheye lens I certainly omit the additional external monitor. That's my "sweet" set-up. When shooting video, the monitor is a necessity because the U/W monitor feeds the video output cable to the surface for the client/director to see what's being shot. Once you begin to use the external monitor you'll always try to use it. Try it. Best Wishes, Greg Greg
  8. I have a DJI Action Osmo for my "Point and shoot" and a Nauticam/Sony A7SII for the higher quality time. I would have both and grow your photo knowledge and "tools" knowledge of photography. Expand your capabilities with the amazing cameras, lights, and strobes available. You can always start with used gear and explore at a modest cost while learning what you need and want for your photo style. Go for it! Greg
  9. I love your presentation! You're able to capture and hold my interest. Well done. And, obviously you spoke to all of the most important issues for a beginner shooting U/W. Great Job! Greg
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