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  1. Specifically looking for high quality items some parts need to be Nauticam 1 - Nauticam 8in double ball arm 3 - long clamps 1 - Nauticam Light Mounting Stem for Fastening on 125~400mm Arms Best fishes Andrew
  2. Hey Looking for the NA-502H or NA-502B-H housing and monitor in good condition. Best fishes, Andrew
  3. Hey! Looking to finish up my upgrade with a few items. I need the N100 Flat 32 and either a M14 or M16 vacuum valve. Anyone looking to get rid of these items? Best fishes, Andrew
  4. Looking for a used port for my Sony 90mm Macro. Best fishes,
  5. Is the N100 Flat 32 still available?
  6. I have a Ikelite 200FL Housing for Canon 70D and associated FL ports. This is the old style of Ikelite Housing with clear acrylic. I prefer to sell together but will hear offers for individual items. The housing is in good working order and shows sign of use. One of the navigational buttons on the rear occasionally sticks but does not prevent function. The Precision 5" Dome for Tokina 10-17mm has a defect. 1 of 4 pieces of the dome shade flange has broken off. This does not affect the dome seal or affect the shad functionality. The following items are for sale. $500 - Ikelite 200FL Housing Canon 70D $250 - Precision 5" Dome Tokina 10-17 $75 - Ikelite FL Modular Flat Front Product # 5510.35 $100 - Nauticam Viewfinder Mounting Ring for Ikelite Housing $50 - Ikelite FL Port Extension for Lenses Up To 4.125 Inches #5110.22 $50 - Ikelite FL Port Extension for Lenses Up To 4.25 Inches # 5510.24 $50 - FL Port Extension for Lenses Up To 2.75 Inches # 5510.11 $10 - Assorted Zoom Rings and Sleeves I'll sell everything for $900.00 + shipping.
  7. Looking for an mounting ring for my 45 Nauticam viewfinder for Ikelite Housing. Is anyone selling?
  8. Is the Precision 5in Tokina 10-17mm dome still available? If so, what kind of condition is it in? It does look to be in good condition from the photo but that doesn't show scratches.
  9. Hello! My name is Andrew. I have followed this forum for sometime now but just became a member. Ive only been doing this as a hobby for a few years now. I am a aquatic biologist by trade and lover of water and all things in it. My photography generally focuses on native freshwater fish in the SE US. This form has always helped me out with equipment and technique and I hope to learn a lot more in the future!
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