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  1. Hi all, My Bluefin monitor seems to be playing up. When plugging everything in, the monitor shows a pink colour and I can't work out why. I've attached a photo to show the colour, it is strange as some of the cameras icons are visible. I've tried my spare camera tray and have ruled out the cable as it occurs when using both. I'm using a Bluefin HC7 and a Sony hdr-hc7e video camera. Any help greatly appreciated. (I've submitted a query to Light & Motion three days ago and haven't heard anything yet)
  2. Unused, hard to get hold of now, selling for £95 GBP plus postage. I'm based in the UK. Thanks
  3. I am after a cheap flat port for the Light & Motion Titan Housing. Looking to get a spare one before they are all lost or thrown away...... I am in UK also. Thanks Dan
  4. IMG_0571 by joannalambert, on Flickr lens by joannalambert, on Flickr
  5. Make me a reasonable offer The item number is model # 802-0211
  6. I once paid over £250 to insure my UW vid camera, travelled and dived all over the world on a 9 month trip with no incidents. On my way back home in LAX stopping from Fiji the bag the housing was in broke causing video housing and camera to fall out onto concrete- smash! on my return to UK I phoned insurance company and they wouldn't give me any money as I had not had the video camera serviced i.e. had any paperwork to say the setup wasn't broken when I got the insurance out. This was an expensive lesson to always read the small print!
  7. both ULCS DB-05 sold others still available
  8. I have one mares volo fin - the other was lost in the surf when I lent to a friend- very annoying!!
  9. Hi, due to moving house I am tasked with getting rid of a LOT of my old gear- no garage of loft space is safe from my better half(!) so I will be putting a lot of stuff on here in the next few days. I am based in the UK- all prices includes postage within the UK. ULCS DB-05 The Ultralight DB-05 is a 5 inch double ball lattice arm for use with the Ultralight Control System arm setup RRP £43 Sell £30 ULCS DB-05 The Ultralight DB-05 is a 5 inch double ball lattice arm for use with the Ultralight Control System arm setup RRP £43 Sell £30 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CS Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AC-CSF Clamp RRP £35 Sell £25 ULCS AD-1420-IK RRP £26 Sell for £16 AC-TCS Triple clamp replaces a regular clamp in an arm set, allowing use of another piece with a ball to be added RRP £40 sell for £30 ULCS BA-AD Angled Dovetail Adapter (male) RRP £24 Sell for £14 ULCS BA-AD Angled Dovetail Adapter (male) RRP £24 Sell for £14 ULCS BA-TG Ball with T-slot RRP £23 Sell for £13 ULCS BA-LMB Ball Mount for Light & Motion Quick Release Assembly. RRP £40 sell £25 ULCS BA-LMB Ball Mount for Light & Motion Quick Release Assembly. RRP £40 sell £25 Thanks for looking
  10. Hi, selling my Fathom 110 lens, it is in almost new condition- the optics are as new, let me know if interested and I can send photos of lens. Lens comes with L&M case. Designed for the Bluefin Pro, Stingray G2+ I used on a Bluefin HC1 and HC7 Cost £2200 new, will sell for £945 I am based in UK but willing to post/ship. Thanks
  11. Hi I have a Light & Motion Bluefin FX1 Z1 housing for sale. Fully working in like new condition. The housing comes with the standard flat port and an extra new Light & Motion flip macro lens. The button controls include: power on/off, record start/stop, double tap variable zoom control, electronic manual focus, momentary auto focus on/off, manual iris and gain, shutter speed, manual push white balance and neutral density filter. Spare 'o' rings £1250 + postage
  12. Hi, I have a L&M pro monitor for sale, it is NTSC and being in the UK I no longer have a need for it. would swap with a auto switching PAL/NTSC monitor and some money if anyone is interested! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:X:AAQ:GB:1123
  13. I had the same issue with the historic mako sc100 with the 'nugget' 7.2V batteries. L&M didn't stock them but they did give me th detailed blueprints (after trying to sell me newer battery pods!!) hope it works out for you. dan
  14. I have had some different experiences with L&M i delt with jim and trish in the past and had numerous things serviced and changed to a very high standard. I do however think that L&M do not stock old parts in an attempt to force you to buy their newer gear which is annoying. I bought a remote pro monitor from the US (I am in the UK and it was cheaper for me to buy it from the states) I had changed one in the past to PAL from NTSC at a small cost. I tried to get this done but they no longer stock any of parts. Also I wanted a base plate for a mako housing which i had lost, they no longer had this item in stock rendering the housing useless as i can't mount a video camera in the housing. for people who have stuck with L&M you would think they would keep parts or have the ability to make new ones! anyone want to buy a L&M remote pro monitor complete??
  15. hi i have a light & motion pro remote monitor, my problem is that i need a PAL monitor now i have changed my set-up, the remote monitor i have is NTSC, does anyone have a monitor pro/compact that is PAL or a monitor which is autoswitching (i think this is what the newer ones were) Light and motion have helpfully told me that i cannot get this one changed as they have run out of parts!? thanks for any help! dan
  16. big fish dive or shark feed, in beqa lagoon, very good lots of bulls and other sharks, $300 fijian for two dives it is about 2 hours from nadi towards suva.
  17. hey steve- i have a few of these pods- they were the ones i was talking about in my thread; http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18236&hl= thanks dan
  18. I'm sure there are lots of people on here from the states so would have done a lot of diving in Hawaii, I'm from the Uk, i've spent 6 weeks in hawaii from july last year. I've also dived in Fiji, the fijian reefs are a lot more colourful but everyplace has its own unique element to it and i enjoyed some of the dives i did on the big island- did the manta dive and twilight dive. there are some interesting lava tubes on the north shore of oahu. good thing is in july the sea state is generally flat and so excellent for diving. compared to fiji there are so many turtles, i dived and snorkelled off kauai at the beach where the napali trail starts and saw about 25 turtles on one dive, amazing. also captain cook bay on big island is a place we went and saw lots of spinner dolphins which was fun. hope you manage to get some good dives in- once your out of honululu which is like any other large city it is a lovely place.
  19. i wasn't going to use the small nuggets which were on the sc100 i was going to use the other style pods where i get 45 mins burn time or longer on my HID's and considering i can fit two batteries in each pod it gives me a superior burn time than the new pods. i just need a way of fitting them to the housing and wanted to see what the bluefin weight tray looked like.
  20. Hi guys and girls, I've just got a new Bluefin HC1. I used to use a sc100 mako and vx1000. basically i want to be able to use HIDs with the old style battery pods (the ones which take two batteries). I have an adaptor for these pods to put on a sc100 housing. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the weight tray light & motion looks like as i can't find any pictures of one and i'd like to see if i can use the weight tray to fix my battery pods with current adaptor to the bluefin housing. this would save me buying a new set of pods and many batteries when i already have a perfectly good set! i've attached two pics so you can see what i mean as i feel my explanation might be confusing! thanks for any advice....
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