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  1. And more specifically, can anyone compare this to the Inon 45-degree viewfinder for Sea & Sea?
  2. Greetings! I'd be really curious to hear from anyone using this if they feel it's worth the investment. Thanks! Djuna
  3. Hi all! Can anyone recommend a flip device compatible between an Inon UCL-165M67 diopter and a Sea & Sea Macro Port 87 (for ~100mm lenses)? Or some other solution to quickly use and lose the diopter (impermanently!). I'm trying to make an online purchase decision, without either the port or diopter at hand. As both the port and the diopter are threaded, I'm concerned that a flip might affect image quality by adding distance or misalignment. Reassurances on those fronts would be welcome. Thanks so much! Djuna
  4. I'm a recent fan of the Pelican Air series with TrekPak dividers. The Air saves heaps of weight over the traditional Pelican case, and the TrekPak dividers -- thin and cut to custom size -- take up minimal space. It all adds up more room for me to bring everything but the kitchen sink Expensive, but a long term investment.
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