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  1. I am looking for someone that owns a Sea&Sea 850 housing and would be willing to send me the measurements of the extension spring on the inside of rear housing cover that is attached to the Photo Review / Playback Lever arm . Sea & Sea no longer has this part and is not willing to share the size of the spring. Mine keeps falling off and it needs to be replaced. Cant Believe Sea & Sea does not have a schematic showing the proper spring size or they aren’t willing to share that info. Have owned 3x S&S housings. This will be my last. Nauticam next housing
  2. Thanks Chris Ross i will look into the helicoil. Your insight is invaluable!
  3. Paolobl65...Thank you. I assumed this was the only fix. Glad it worked. Will try it on mine,
  4. I have a Sea&Sea MDX800 housing which is 7 years old. Maybe 1000 + dives on it. The (female) threads on the aluminum housing side of the connection have stripped out. The Stainless Steel screws that attach the Ergo-Grips no longer hold. Has anyone experienced this same issue? Both the Left and the Right sides failed at about the same time. I am attributing failure to the aluminum/ saltwater combination of the housing. Currently, the connection it uses a 8mm 1.5 x20mm hex head screw. I am thinking of taping them out to a 10mm screw but a little worried about the housing thickness
  5. I have had exactly the same issues with my YS-D2... Fire 4-5 shots and then would have to wait for re-cycle
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