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  1. Thanks Guys who knew the answer to my question was literally right under my nose (lol) I will definitely give it a try and go test my hand at some in water surf shots. Can not wait to share!!!!!!!! Aloha
  2. How do I keep the water from gathering on my lens port, I do not want to just start trying stuff, being afraid of ruining the housing. I seem to ket water droplets right in the wrong places.... Any suggestions??? I Mostly shoot underwater and have played with 1/2 in 1/2 out shots but would love to try my hand at some surf stuff but my experience so far has not been real good Here is a shot of land from the ocean and you can see the spots I am talking about.....
  3. Hey guys thanks for the criticism. No offense taken. I do try to crop in camera to get the most of my resolution but with surge (oh yea these were taken in about 20' of water along a wall in the surf zone so there was a little surge lol) I can only try to compose and shoot quikly. Overall I like them but yea getting rid of that out of focus part to the right would be a good Idea. Please any more comments I would love to hear it good or BAD. Thanks again
  4. Hey guys thanks for taking the time to check out my photo's. I am pretty proud of these three but I am looking for comments either good or bad
  5. Lets put it this way I change them every new outing 2 dives 80+photo's and never lacked power or recycle time in the flash. I probably change them to soon but I would rather be safe. You might want to experiment with that. ya I use the energizer2500mah batteries. The only downfall with these are that they have to be fresh. Rechargable batteries loose aprox 1% a day just sitting around. Good luck and happy shooting. If you hit the link to my websight you can see some of the stuff I have done with the g5000 ys25.
  6. In the box to the ys-25 you should find some velcro (only one side the soft side) you use that and cut to shape of the flash area of the dx8000 housing. This shields the flash from shooting forward and then you attach the fiber optics into the connection/s built into the top of the housing. Also be careful not to throw away they also give an additional connection port with the flash that can be installed into the velcro for use on other housings. Hope this helps. Also be careful if you plan on using high mah rechargable batteries and I recomend you do, Only use them in the camera. In the flash they will overheat the curcuitry and the flash will not work most of the time. There is a bullitin on sea and seas website. But I highly recomend high mah baterries in the camera. regular batteries you get about 40 shots, with a high mah rechargable I get upwards of 100 shots.
  7. here are a few with the composition just not the exposure.
  8. No worries You can find that bulliten on sea and sea's website and I would go there and read it for yourself. I still use the high mah batteries in the cammera just not in the strobe. http://www.seaandsea.jp/press/releasenimhandoxy.html Now as far as battery life remember I am still using the 5000 but I use energizer 2500 mah batteries and I get at least two dives 40-50 pic's each dive and still have plenty of battery to slide show the shots on the tv afterwords. cheers
  9. These were all taken with a sea and sea g5000. I am kinda proud of these shots I have more but this is what fit on this post. Thanks for any and all input. Cheers
  10. I agree with both of you as far as composition but there was a pretty good swll and alot of serge I took about 8-9 shots I got the composition but the exposures and detail aren't what I was looking for. Since I am only shooting with a g5000 raw is out, it is way to slow so I do not have the added info to juggle the exposure. I was just impressed with the amount of detail that 5mp piont and shoot captured. One of these days I am gonna spend the money to house my 20D. Thanks Guys
  11. This is some of the best macro detail Ive gotten so far. I stopped down to f8 and took about 5 different shots this is the clearest and sharpest. Any Input Sea & sea g5000 Manual mode F8 1/90th iso 64 Macro Mode YS-25
  12. I kinda like this shot but I am looking for some opinions. Thanks I realize it is a little blown out at the top of the fish but I think it kinda adds to the affect. I don't know! The shot also has a wierd shadow on the bottom. I swear the only thing I did in photoshop was color correct. and it truely didn' need much because the stobe was so hot.
  13. Hey this is a great photo but once again I think you killed yourself with the flash. If you can tone down the hot spot this would be a nice shot. You might want to try to get creative with coloring I kinda played with it real quik. This helps take you attention away from the hot spot and brings you right into the fish. Just my Opinion(and you know what they say about Opinions)
  14. Hey Newbie here but I think a little work in composition. By getting lower and shooting upward a little, you would eliminate some of the dead space and make the coral look bigger. But the diagnile line through the the center and the frame within a frame works very well. I would try some sort of diffuser or diffrent positions to bring down the hot spots. But all in all I would say squerrel fish are tough because they blend into your background so well. Just my Opinion(and you know what they say about Opinions)
  15. Thanks for the link and the info. I found a couple diffrent pairs and thoughts since theye had been slightly overlapping I automatically figured it was a form of mating or courtship. Thanks
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