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  1. Alot of the problem is that all the national park money that is paid by divers goes into a pot and is distributed evenly to all the national parks in Thailand, about 180 through the whole kingdom. So even though Similan's pulls in alot of cash, it doesen't get to keep it all. Also after discussions I have had with the Marine and coastal resources dept about this exact problem they told me the best method is to take pics of these boats who are fishing in the national parks and send them to the papers like the Bangkok post so they can highlight the problem in the media. Another problem they have is that there are constant management changes and transfers, so things never get done. Spen
  2. Thx Rene Im off to Adorama for some shopping Spen
  3. Hi all Which Ike flat port do I need to house my Nikon 105mm VRII lens. Thx as always in advance Spen
  4. LOL, I knew you should have got your eyes checked when you shot that footage of a barracuda school and didn't even notice the whale shark in the background. On the flip side. Mr Howard Marx (Mr. Nice) notorious weed smuggler said in his book that he also had trouble focusing after a few. So he got really wasted and then went to the optician and got checked out so now has a perfectly adjusted pairs of bins/monitor/lens. But Nick I know you for so many years and it's just an excuse to go chat up the Top Charoen Optical girls in their white uniform. Spen
  5. Hi all I have finally managed to get my pics and website up to date and thought I would share. www.spencerfinn.com I thought it might be of interest to anyone thinking of coming to Thailand/Burma as they can see how the season changes by the shots I can get. To start it's mostly macro, which I love to bits and Burma it pretty good for the small critters, better than the Similan's in my opinion. But as the season (Oct-may) progresses you can see the change in size . Best part of the whole season was finding my first pipehorse (4cm) at North Point in Similan. I managed to get a couple of shots of it as it was being washed around by the full moon surge . Comments welcome Spen
  6. it's now 1am and I am still checking for updates from the Thai navy, nothing to update. I wont sleep tonight 4 sure, I don't know what to write as my mind is racing, I wait for a phone call and hope all is OK.
  7. OK so the story is direct from Jurgen and he confirms that in a heavy squall the boat went over on the starboard side and went down by the stern in 2 mins.
  8. I have known the captain of the boat for years and is a salty sea dog with many years of experience. The weather last night was fine, we had about 1hrs rain about 11pm and waves were no bigger than a half metre.
  9. The Phi Phi boat was a snorkeling boat that was over capacity and when the wind picked all 60+ people headed to the top deck. The small boat got top heavy with all the people and in the swell went down. 1 guy died as he would not let go of the boat as it went down. They raised the boat, repaired it and is now sitting in Chalong bay.
  10. I just arrived in the office to hear that the liveaboard vessel MV Dive Asia I, http://www.diveasia.com/liveaboards/boats.htm, belonging to Phuket based dive company Dive Asia sunk off the coast of Phuket late last night. So far 25 people were rescued today at 1.30pm but six are still missing with 3hrs till sunset. It's hit the papers and updates can be found http://www.phuketgazette.net/ My thoughts go out to the 6 missing.
  11. Drew is right and Divemaster are dealer for Thailand and they have shops in Central Festival but you are better off going to the shop in Chalong. I suspect they will have to order it from Bangkok anyway. Spen
  12. What I have heard is that Parrot fish are appearing in increasing numbers and are chomping through the coral, just like in your shot. There are a number of marine biologists that hang on this forum as well, maybe they can give you a more detailed explanation than me. Spen
  13. Looks like a common Indian Ocean Lionfish to me and they certanily wern't in the Bahamas when I was there 8 yrs ago. Parrot fish are also a problem now. I have even heard reports of Lionfish found in the Hudson river. The problem is the huge container ships, when they unload their cargo in Asia they need to take large volumes of water for ballast for the trans Atlantic/Pacific trip. Then when they get to the next loading point they dump the water and take on the cargo, hence the transfer of species.
  14. Brian Here is a crop of the spotted ray, please close your eyes and don't look at the mountain of dead bodies behind it, the mountain inside was twice as big and already tagged for sale. Spen
  15. Brian You are right and it also looks to me like the tail is missing a chunk and some marks on the top. Which also leads me to think that it could me a whip ray/mangrove ray as is common practice here for the fisherman to cut off the tail, so they dont get a Steve Irwin. This one may have hopped off the boat and ended up lost, just a theory, as I have seen it before. They also put rope through the gills so they can winch it up from the boat like this one. Eg attached. I also cant ID the spotted stingray, I assume it's some sort of Mangrove ray. This was one longtail boat and when it arrived it was full, they have unloaded all of the sharks and guitar rays already, so sad to see. Alex/Brian any suggestions? Spen
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