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  1. When the fish are spawning the males will fight with each other over access to the females. They can really go at it. I was surprised these guys still looked as healthy as they did even after the short time watching them.
  2. Made my way up to the Baker River here in Washington and found some spawning sockeye salmon who were polite enough to let me take a few photos . Comments and criticisms welcomed! Thanks for looking.
  3. Haven't been in the water in a while so yesterday's dive was sorely needed. I'd love some comments/criticism on these shots. I've only had to chance to take my housing on maybe 5 dives total, so I'm still learning. Yesterday's mixup was accidentally changing the fstop to f5.6 at the beginning of the dive when I thought it was at 13. Thanks for looking Tube anemone (Pachycerianthus fimbriatus) Sunburst anemone (Anthopleura sola) Spanish shawl (Flabellina iodinea) Strawberry anemone (Corynactics californica)
  4. I'm here in southern taiwan for about another 3 weeks doing research and after a month, I've just now been able to find the time to take some underwater shots. This is only my fifth or so time taking my camera underwater so comments/criticisms/suggestions are greatly appreciated. These were taken while snorkeling at Hobihu reef in Nanwan bay...and all of these were taken with my 40d and canon 60mm macro with an ikelite ds125 strobe. Thanks for looking Platygyra sp. 1/125s f11 ISO200 Tubastrea aurea 1/200s f13 ISO100 Acropora sp. 1/125s f11 ISO200 Acanthurus lineatus with bicolor cleaner wrasses 1/125s f11 ISO400 Two color morphs of Stylophora pistillata 1/125s f11 ISO400
  5. Thanks so much for that link howeikwok. I just sent them an email, if I don't get a response I'll get a taiwanese friend to give them a call and translate for me. Luckily I haven't had a chance to take out my housing yet so I didn't have to see all the pictures I would have liked to take. Thanks again everyone for your comments and suggestions. If for some reason I can't get a baseplate through fun-in I'll be headed to the scooter repair shop. aaron
  6. Yeah it was. I've travelled with pelican cases quite a few times and this is the first time I've seen a crack in any pelican case. Looks like it was dropped on entirely the right corner where the base was situated. Really happy all the other gear was foamed in place. The original foam that came with the pelican was cut to other equipment so I had to make my own and improvise a little. Anyhow, the side that broke was the side opposite my shutter release which would usually be holding my single ds125. I think until I can get a new one I'm going explore the glueing/bolting options and depending on how secure it is, try and see how awkward it is moving my strobe to the same side as my shutter release. Luckily scooter repair shots are everywhere here in southern taiwan. Thanks for the advice aaron
  7. Hi Everyone, I just travelled to Taiwan for some research and borrowed a pelican case from a friend for my 40d ikelite housing, arms, strobe, port etc. I packed the thing with foam to the best of my abilities but I didn't really think about padding the baseplate too much cause it was fairly snug in the case without padding. Well how wrong I was. The side of the base plate broke off in a similar spot in the picture I've attached. I've tried getting in contact with an ikelite dealer here in Taiwan but so far have had no luck. I'm thinking of trying to glue it. Any suggestions on glue? I'll be here for 2 months though the shipping isn't worth it to get one sent from the states. Thanks so much. aaron
  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I took my camera out the other day to San Pedro and vis was pretty horrible so I was more or less stuck taking pictures of non-motile inverts again. I also didn't see any fish other than some drab surfperch. I didn't really try out any different focusing methods other than using AI servo which did help me compensate for the surge a bit. Unfortunately I'm now in southern Taiwan for a month without my housing to practice more. Thanks again everyone Aaron
  9. After my first couple outings with my 40d in the water last month in Moorea, I had a couple questions what you all use as far as focusing method. On land I always select the middle focus point alone. So I focus (half shutter release press) on what I want the focal point to be and move the camera to compose my shot. An alternate way to do this would be to select a certain focus point (not the center) and bypass the half shutter press and move the camera. (*I hope this makes sense). I used the first method last time around which works well for non-motile subjects but anything moving I had some difficulty getting the entire fish in the shot while still having the focus on the eye. Alternatively I could set the focus motor on servo which should follow the subject. Can anyone weight in their particular method? I hope I made this clear enough. Aaron
  10. Some from today. I'm definitely noticing my # of decent shots (actually achieving focus point) is maybe 1 in 15...hopefully its better when I have a tank strapped to my back. cushion star closeup small scorpionfish in porites colony boxfish
  11. Unfortunately no. I'll be making my way to Taiwan for a month in mid march to do some other lab/fieldwork which will be coming out of winter to early spring. Then again for a couple months in June/July. Should be an interesting experience nonetheless.
  12. I'm going to be trying just that this morning. I am at gump station and staying in the bungalow with the best view . Lucky me.
  13. I'm here in Moorea doing some research and have had a couple chances to take my new housing and strobe out. Here are a couple of shots from my two outings. These are my first shots with a dslr in an underwater housing and it is definitely a learning process. These were all taken while snorkeling but hopefully I'll have a chance to take it out while diving so I can snap more than a couple shots on a dive down. I've also included a pic from the bungalow we're staying in at the research station. Valentini puffer Damsels over porites rus Polychaete in porites lobata nudi clown and anemone View from bungalow
  14. How accurate is the fuel gauge lights on the ds125 strobe? I just bought a used ds125 which was purchased new in 2007 which has the NiMH battery pack. It's fully charge (though I am using a generic charger) but the fuel gauge will only read 2 out of the 3. I really haven't used the strobe to see if the battery life is indeed not full or just that it doesn't read properly. I am travelling to moorea tomorrow so we'll find out there for sure, but does anyone have experience with this? Thanks Aaron
  15. Thanks Dave. Do they work just as fast as the ike chargers? $100 is pretty ridiculous for a charger imo, regardless of manufacturer. I think I may go the generic route.
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