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  1. Hello!

    I'm selling my Nikon D7100 with an Ikelite housing with leak detector and a 4'' Dome lens port. This kit has less than 20 dives and everything is in perfect condition!


    It's a great setup for somebody wanting to start in the underwater photography world. All you need is a wide angle lens and you are ready to go!

    Check out what this camera is able to capture here: http://juanmayorga.portfoliobox.net/

    Asking price for the complete kit is $2200 or best offer.



  2. Hello everyone,


    I'm selling my Nikon D7100 camera plus my whole underwater equipment. It's in excellent condition with less than 20 dives in! It is a perfect setup for beginners and aspiring photographers!


    This package includes:


    - Camera Nikon D7100

    - Ikelite D7100 housing with leak detector

    - Ikelite 4'' Dome port

    - Ikelite strobe DS160 + dome diffuser + Sync Cord

    - Ikelite universal zoom clamp

    - Ikelite compact ball arm for quick release handle


    Total price: $ 3250


    Hoping to sell the complete kit!






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