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  1. I've got up for sale my Canon 7D/Aquatica rig. Comes with Inon Z240's, lenses, ports, etc etc. Australia only. 2 days left on the auction - head to http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/151983121877?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITto see what's included and place your bid.
  2. I'm trying to get some money out of DEPP at the moment for some stollen gear. It's been over 3 months already and I've had very few replies to my many emails. In fact, the only time they've really ever replied is when I found the CEO's email address online (PM me if you want it) and emailed him threatening to get a lawyer onto the case if I didn't hear from them. I emailed them this week to say some of the items have been recovered but some I still need to claim on, and didn't even get a response to that. Can anyone in the states give me someone I can direct a complaint to, like a dept of insurance or something? This is my third camera system I've had insured with DEPP, but my first claim. I will not be using them again.
  3. Maybe Jean's now spending less time on wetpixel as he's been moved to help out on the production line as well?
  4. Hey Chriso, Think you're getting your Ryan's mixed up, 'Ryan' is from Reef Photo Video in the States. I'm the real Ryan
  5. Oi, watch it Mike. We're not Kiwi's you know It's about time you were taking off though Cal. Will chat before you leave.
  6. Cheers mate. We get it here normally. Just not on the shelves yet.
  7. Thankd Todd. Just had a flick through, your images are amazing in there! Well done to you too.
  8. Just got my hands on the digital version on the current Scuba Diving Magazine, with a couple of my images as part of an article on live a boards on the GBR (the articles not mine)! It's my first international magazine so I'm quite happy. Here's a couple of screen shots. Mine are the four underwater images with the article... Now to try and find a print copy of the magazine out here. Cheers, Ryan.
  9. Lembeh's high on my list of places to go now after enjoying the muck diving in Bali so much. And the best bit is my partner even enjoyed it too For those that've been to both, how much better is the much diving in Lembeh over Bali?
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. Steve, no not really sure. Seems to be working fine again now. Next time I take backup hard drives though!
  11. Hey Mark, I'll be passing through next month, if I get time I'll stop in for a dive. Otherwise we'll be down there for the shootout. Keep an eye on those Harlequin. I'm pretty sure the guides at Seraya must feed theirs (with sea stars) so the shrimp don't actually move around. When're you going back to Bali? Haven't decided what we're going to do this year. A few more pics: Liberty Reck Tiger Shrimp Cleaning Time Ghost Pipe Fish Manta at Manta Point, Nusa Penida
  12. Hi guys, I havent posted any images here for a long while now. I had a trip to Bali last year, mainly diving, and after a hard drive crash and recovery, have gotten around to putting all the images together. Hope you enjoy! Jacks at the Liberty Wreck, Tulamben Sponge on the Liberty Wreck, Tulamben Pygmy, Tulamben Boxer Crab with eggs, Tulamben Harlequin Shrimp, Tulamben Snake Eel with a little friend (look closely), Tulamben Coleman Shrimp, Tulamben Porcelain Crab, Tulamben Ribbon Eel, Tulamben Squat Lobster, Tulamben We were staying and diving with Scuba Seraya in Tulamben, and I would highly recommend them. Beautiful little resort right on the beach. Good food and the dive guides were amazing. Every day I'd tell them what I wanted to see, and they'd find it for me! A couple of minutes boat ride to most dive sites, or shore diving at Seraya Secrets, which made for some pleasent afternoon dives. After that we spent a couple of days staying on Nusa Lembongan, moreso to relax in the sun than to dive. I did do one morning of diving though at Nusa Penida. Mantas at Manta Point, anthough no Mola Mola at Crystal Bay. Still, CB has some amazing reef, and the biggest frog fish I've ever seen! More photos are up in my Bali Gallery. Any feedback welcome! Thanks, Ryan.
  13. Hi guys, I have a brand new, still packaged, 500GB MemoryKick Si photo backup hard drive for sale, with all accessories. These are a great way to back up or store your photos while travelling without the need for a laptop. I've got another one that I use and highly recommend it. More details on the MemoryKick here. These retail for $680 in Australia. Asking for $400 for this, plus postage. Will post over seas. Please contact me if you're after any more info. Cheers, Ryan.
  14. Great shots Gudge. You'll love diving around that area, I know I still miss it. Cook Island can be a great WA site as well in good conditions, although it still doesn't rival Julian IMO. I see you'll be at the photo shootout in May, look forward to seeing you then. Ryan.
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