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  1. A little over a year ago I was also trying to decide between Canderwasih and Triton. Picked Triton, and it turned out to be a wonderful trip. Some wonderful wide angle opportunities, plus whale sharks, plus amazing macro. I think Leeza is still running the operation there.. she's wonderful! I don't do too much wide angle photos, but you can get a sense of the macro from my trip report. Best Ajay.
  2. Hi all, On a recent liveaboard (Emperor Explorer) in Maldives, trip titled "best of Maldives" was nothing extraordinary for the first few days.. strong currents, moderate viz, etc. But then two days changed it all. On one day this juvenile whale shark came up to our boat and stuck around with us for over four hours.. and on the day after, we had a wonderful couple of dives with the resident nurse sharks in Alimatha. Here are a couple of pictures (downsized). A more detailed trip report with larger images is on my weblog. Cheers, Ajay
  3. Ha.. sounds like you are ready to move on to behavior photos. Cheers Ajay
  4. There have been many good images posted by Mike Bartick and others from Anilao lately, that I'm almost afraid to post mine. These are form a short trip to Anilao at the end of May. Notable for me: First time that I saw the Ocellate octopus (a type of blue ring) and an interesting fight between two octopi during a night dive. I expect there may be more _really nice_ images form Anilao coming on this forum -- a gang of people with really nice gear and better skills than me had just concluded the Reef photo gathering in May. I look forward to their posts. There is a brief trip report and more photos on my website. Cheers Ajay
  5. Great video.. perfect choice of soundtrack :-) Ajay
  6. Thanks for the report & fantastic (!) photos. I think I may need to put Dumaguette back on my bucket list of places to revisit. Ajay
  7. Hi all, We did six days of diving in Triton Bay in Mid December, inspired mostly by Paulo's trip report that appeared here a few months ago. The attraction for me was the promise of the combination of whale sharks and excellent macro. Promise delivered, and then some -- the resort has resident Epaulatte and Wobbegong sharks just in the house reef. My trip report, together with images can be found here: http://iez152.ieda.ust.hk/TRITONBAY_DEC2018/TRITONBAY_DEC2018.html Here are a few photos, hope they add some color to your day to start off 2019. Cheers, Ajay.
  8. Hi friends, Need your help to identify the critters in the two attached images. The mollusc (??) burying itself in the sand is ~2cm; there were many of these spread out around the sandy bottom at the house reef on a night dive. The tiny orange critters on the sponge are no more than 1mm each; they look like baby shrimp/crabs just emerging out of eggs?? Any help appreciated! Ajay
  9. HI Mike, I am guessing your group is expereinced with Raja Ampat already, but in case anyone is interested to know how the diving was last month, on the same boat, here is a link to my trip report and photos. Cheers Ajay.
  10. I was also using G10 as my second camera until this Jan, when the housing showed signs of possible leak. I decided to switch to G1x mark 2. The other cams I considered were Pana GH4 and Sony Rx100 III or IV. But the latter two require expensive Nauticam housings. With Canon, I can use the much cheaper Canon housing. The only down side I see is that the G1x II does not have 4K video. Haven't tried it under water yet, but happy with it so far as a carry along camera. I was also looking at G7x, but decided to go with G1x II under the assumption that bigger is better (sensor). Cheers Ajay.
  11. Thanks jander, Tim, Vilamendhoo is looking interesting.. maybe no hammerheads, but mantas will keep us happy. Ajay
  12. Hi folks, Been doing a bit of research on this on this site and others, but I would really appreciate some wisdom. Looks like I may be able to make a quick journey to Maldives for some diving in late Dec/early Jan. Probably have no more than six days; so with two days taken in flights etc, should have four days to dive -- so liveaboard seem to be ruled out. Ideally, would like to head to a resort near places with hammerheads, and maybe mantas. and if the resort has a house reef, that'll be nice since we may just go diving by ourselves to make the most of the meager four days. Any advice? Thanks! Ajay.
  13. Been to both. Both are good for macro, but personally I'd think there is a lot more diversity in Lambeh. There is some reef diving in Ambon, but it's a bit of a boat ride away, if I recall; for reef/wall, I think I would just take a few days off from Lambeh and go to Bunaken/Bangka. Another thing I like about Lambeh is that eth resorts are _much_ nicer (better living, camera rooms, much better food).. cheers ajay.
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