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  1. Optics is certainly confusing (try explaining why light rays bend when they hit a transparent surface of different index at an angle!). Personally, I find Interceptor's messages, possibly terse, but not impolite. And certainly informative. Enough to make me go looking for a bit more. I appreciate them as much as the posts of many other experienced contributors to this forum. I found the following website with a good beginner's primer to port optics: https://oceanity.com.au/articles/view/understanding-flat-port-and-dome-port-theory and, in case you miss the link towards the end of that page, they have a nice interactive visualization of what happens to the virtual image (that your camera sensor is seeing) as the real object moves closer or farther: https://oceanity.com.au/tools/dome-port-virtual-image-visualiser Kind regards Ajay
  2. Adam, First of all, best wishes for a complete (or near-complete) recovery. Also, many thanks for sharing - health issues can be somewhat personal, but sharing your experience will have more value than you may first think, especially for several of the regular members of wetpixel who are getting on in the years (like me). I'm sure you will receive more good advise from other experienced divers, and we'd appreciate if you would share on this forum. Personally, not being a doctor, I suppose I can only trot out the old banality about not taking on any responsibility that could increase stress.. perhaps the famous 2016 book of Mark Manson might have good pointers on how to achieve that :-). Kind regards, Ajay
  3. Thanks for the (as usual) informative comments. I am wondering if white balance is purely a linear transformation on the RGB, or whether some (possibly contextual, in the case of AWB) non-linear model can be used, introducing some bias? I expect if some camera company uses some ML or AI model, they can introduce a bias variable? Thanks, Ajay
  4. Love the Sea Elephant.. Could be a scene from a Japanese Ghost movie, right there. :-)
  5. Hi @Phil Rudin, is the 28-60 with WWL-1 solution available and good for A7R iii ? On the Nauticam website, I cannot find this option in their system builder interface (although I think they don't update this too often). Thanks! Ajay
  6. Very nice and clean setup, @JayceeB. Are you planning to use a wet macro lens also? Kind regards, Ajay
  7. That's a good point - I am not 100% sure about customs rules. My understanding is that customs do not allow batteries to be sent by mail across the border. I believe sending a strobe minus the battery, for repairs, should be ok. But your information may be more robust than mine). I also don't know much about haggling.. never tried that with my purchases (dive computers, housings, torches, which were purchased mostly via Taobao - which is Alibaba's China version of Amazon, or just from dealers here in HK). Kind regards, Ajay
  8. I have used the smaller (M2600-WSRT) X-adventurer for a few years, and it's just fine -- but I only do very little video. Also, I haven't any experience with other brands. I can however, add one point about repair. My lamp stopped working - and when I sent an inquiry to the company, they emailed back in a couple of days (their rep, called Gary; perfect English), diagnosing that the switch was malfunctioning and that I need to send it back to them for repair. I had the choice to ship it (at my expense) or send through a dealer (here in Hong Kong). I chose the latter option; the total cost including transfer (since I was out of warranty a couple of years) was ~USD75, and it took a couple of weeks. Kind regards, Ajay
  9. Hi Chris, that last question you asked is precisely what I have been mulling.. I was planning to try almost the same setup as suggested by @stuartv. Namely, the Sony A7C with the 28-60, and the WWL-1B; and carry my subsee +10 to switch to macro if required. But the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that It'll be better to have a separate system for macro (possibly the 90mm), and the wwl-1b for wide. Sigh.
  10. I suppose even if I go with the 28-60 option (as recommended by you), I might still get the 16-35/4 for topside. Unfortunately, fair price plus shipping for your one may might make it pretty much a wash over just buying a new with local warranty here in Hong Kong (~ USD 840). Thanks for the offer, though, and the very useful discussion! Kind regards, Ajay
  11. Hi @ChrisRoss it's indeed the newly announce WWL lens on the front page of Wetpixel. The conundrums are: 1. How much difference in quality between (28-60 + WWL-1B) and (16-35 F4 + 180mm dome): the former lens is worse, while in the latter, the dome size compromises the quality away from center. 2. With this WWL-1B, I _know_ that I'll be tempted to take both, the wide and the sub-sea +10 on many dives.. and it'll be a bit cumbersome to carry/switch mid-dive.. With the other setup -- decision made before dive (macro or wide), and that's it. ..and of course, 90mm macro might overcome all my lack of skills and drop some good photos into my card. Cheers Ajay
  12. Indeed, this WWL-1B is an interesting option for me, since keeping my travel weight low is very attractive. So far my plan was use the camera with the Sony/Zeiss 16-35 and 180 port for wide angle, but now this option looks nice also. Thanks for the update. Kind regards, Ajay
  13. Thanks @Phil Rudin. If the EVF is similar to the Nex-7, it should be good enough for me. Interestingly, when I first migrated from compact to the Nex-7, my biggest concern was whether I'd ever be able to adopt to holding the camera to my eye during a dive and using EVF instead of the LCD. It turned out that in practice, I almost never use the LCD.. In fact the main reason I want to switch from the Nex to a newer camera is for the AF. So it's also reassuring to hear your comments about that. Ajay
  14. Hi @Phil Rudin - the smaller size of the A7C and housing make it attractive to me, for sure. I wonder if you can share your opinion about one thing: most reviewers have complained that the A7C EVF is rather small. I've been using the old Sony Nex-7 in Nauticam for several years, and shoot exclusively with that EVF and no additional viewfinder attachments on the housing. I am wondering how these two EVF's (Sony Nex-7 vs A7C) compare (in the respective Nauticam housings): I mean, if the experience is similar, then I can avoid having to bulk up the housing with those optics attached to the back. Many thanks, Ajay
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