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  1. Great discussion (I am enjoying Wetpixel live videos a lot, thanks @adamhanlon). @Alex_Mustard many (most?) images on your website with the 'night' tag show "No flash" in the info.. that cannot be correct?! Kind regards, Ajay.
  2. I tend to agree with @oneyellowtang on those -- I'm old enough to recall when the battle over computer monitors for CAD pitted the vector graphics vs the "raster is faster" gang (and those CD vs vinyl ones).. I think the conclusion from Adam, Dave and others that from current choices, DSLR cams would give a better shooting experience and results with not much compromise in the weight/volume of the UW rig - is correct. It would be great to hear when the OP @PhilW decides to make the plunge (and his system). My own choice, likely, will be a mirrorless, because I definitely want a lighter top-side alternative -- but one that improves upon my current UW system (Nex-7) by giving me better focus, wide-angles and videos. I shall do so with the understanding that I will sacrifice %-ages and UI underwater. Really appreciate all the advice and discussion! Ajay.
  3. Hi Adam, I do recognize you (and others) stressing about the autofocus deficiencies of mirrorless cams. On the other hand, I see some remarkable photography of fast moving birds by an amazing gentleman called Mark Smith on youtube. He shoots Nikon and Sony -- and he finds AF in both of those systems equally good. Do check out his channel -- his photography really is amazing. Of course, I am not sure how AF in (presumably) good outdoor light and very long lens compares with relatively short focal lengths and less light underwater. I do appreciate your points about total system weight/bulk. But to my mind, there is another factor: I feel like a mirrorless and a proper lens would be significantly more convenient if I want to double its use for travel other than diving. Thanks! Ajay.
  4. Hi @heynsheyns thanks for the link to the R5 review. I am wondering how you felt about the sharpness/focus on the videos of the two eels starting around 1:50 mark in the review video? I felt like the vidoes were a bit mushy in that part.. By the way, I have been mulling the same options, and had pretty much the same opinions as @PhilW listed in the original post. I'd love to be able to go FF with a decent wide angle (16-35), but I absolutely don't want to lug a 23cm dome, and don't want to buy the super-expensive WW** ports of Nauticam. I would love it if someone has photos from Sony A7R III or IV, with a 18cm dome port, at different apertures, where I can get a sense of the corner softness compromise one faces. Many thanks and Kind regards, Ajay.
  5. Interesting article on one of my favorite non-scuba related sites. Enjoy! http://www.openculture.com/2020/09/the-first-underwater-portrait-in-the-history-of-photography-circa-1899.html Kind regards, Ajay.
  6. Thanks Simon, your thoughts are very useful indeed! Dear Akoni, I have heard you (above) and several other knowledgeable folks on this forum say either that they don't like Sony cams. Typical reasons I hear are (a) poor UI of the menu (b) poor skin tone on humans. Personally, I have found myself unable to distinguish subtle color differences among these good cameras, and I have just loved the two-wheel design of the Nex-7 (unfortunately abandoned by Sony) that allows really rapid change in [aperture, time] in manual mode. I wonder if you can share your opinion about Sony cameras? I do know some folks like the fast focusing of advanced Nikons, but I'm just not inclined to carry the much larger 850/800 type cams, nor do I like the kludgy adapters required for the new Z6/7. Thanks Ajay.
  7. Hi Simon, Thanks for the article. I have been mulling a change in my setup (from Sony Nex-7) to the A7RIII, a plan that's on hold until we can figure out when world travel, and scuba trips, can resume.. I was planning to use the Sony/Zeiss 16-35 F4, and I hope you could give me some advise about which of the two (16-35 vs the much wider 8-15 that you chose) you would prefer in general. In my mind, the trade-off is that with the fisheye, I have to live with the idea that all photos I take will have that look.. whereas with the other, i would get most photos relatively rectilinear, except with really big fish close up.. Thanks! Ajay
  8. A wonderful interview/article, 121. It was Paolo's amazing photos from Triton (which he posted couple of years ago) that inspired me to go there last year. The photos in that article are really great.. I would love to hear more discussion on how you set up and shoot those late flash panned shots.. You folks should consider a follow-up article -- few people are traveling to dive these days, so the articles are even more welcome. Ajay
  9. Love the tuna and the schools of jacks and barracuda. Looks like Sipadan is improving once more, perhaps all the strict measures and controls are paying dividend. Thanks!
  10. Maybe the subject in that image is protesting, but what a wonderful collection of images! Thanks!
  11. A little over a year ago I was also trying to decide between Canderwasih and Triton. Picked Triton, and it turned out to be a wonderful trip. Some wonderful wide angle opportunities, plus whale sharks, plus amazing macro. I think Leeza is still running the operation there.. she's wonderful! I don't do too much wide angle photos, but you can get a sense of the macro from my trip report. Best Ajay.
  12. Hi all, On a recent liveaboard (Emperor Explorer) in Maldives, trip titled "best of Maldives" was nothing extraordinary for the first few days.. strong currents, moderate viz, etc. But then two days changed it all. On one day this juvenile whale shark came up to our boat and stuck around with us for over four hours.. and on the day after, we had a wonderful couple of dives with the resident nurse sharks in Alimatha. Here are a couple of pictures (downsized). A more detailed trip report with larger images is on my weblog. Cheers, Ajay
  13. Ha.. sounds like you are ready to move on to behavior photos. Cheers Ajay
  14. There have been many good images posted by Mike Bartick and others from Anilao lately, that I'm almost afraid to post mine. These are form a short trip to Anilao at the end of May. Notable for me: First time that I saw the Ocellate octopus (a type of blue ring) and an interesting fight between two octopi during a night dive. I expect there may be more _really nice_ images form Anilao coming on this forum -- a gang of people with really nice gear and better skills than me had just concluded the Reef photo gathering in May. I look forward to their posts. There is a brief trip report and more photos on my website. Cheers Ajay
  15. Great video.. perfect choice of soundtrack :-) Ajay
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