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  1. chicken reef is good. sardine has suffered a lot of damage from boats and divers, most the fan coral is gone now, but the pinnicales are cool. mioskon is damaged also, i think tour boats go there and unload 100s of snorkelers. cape kri is off an on, when its on, it can be fabulous, as can sardine & blue magic. drift dive at south mansuar is nice, once i saw 300 - 500 orange tailed surgeon fish there. fam sites are nice, keep in mind the coral is deep. citrus ridge when sunny is tops for the orange soft coral. we stay at kri eco - no hassels, a lot of diving. unless u must, i wouldnt recommend homestay diving, its a bit sketchy. there are stories, leave it at that. unless of course u base in the fam islands, then no choice. bring a reef hook. we're planning on staying at pulau pef next time, to do more northern sites. john
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