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  1. Hi all ! If somebody of you will visit germany sometime, here are the pictures to identify me. 1. Me and my first digital camera housing PT-005 (Oct.2000) 2. testing the new housing before starting to Egypt Udo
  2. Hi Dave ! in german PC-Magazine c't is a comparison chart of 8M Cameras and a Canon EOS 300D. 300D power-on 2,7s, shutter lag 0,32s Oly 8080 1,0s, 0,75s Canon Pro1 1,9s, 1,06s Dimage A2 2,0s, 0,40s Coolpix 8700 2,8s, 0,64s DSC-F828 1,2s, 0,17s The new C8080 is a little bit slower than the C5060 which has a shutter lag of 0,4s. Udo
  3. Hi James, i'm sorry but i couldn't spend much time at the Cebit. Had a lot of work to do visiting our partners. I only visited the Olympus-Booth to meet some friends and take a look at my new C8080 :wink: . I hope Andi from digideep.com will visit the Cebit and post a report. Sincerly, Udo Strickrodt
  4. Hello John ! The actual INON WAL Lens (and Domeport) will not work with the Olympus C8080. Because of the new camera lens, which extends between 5mm (Wideangle) to 40mm (max. Zoom), the standard Domeport of the PT-023 must have a much greater diameter than the PT-015 or PT-020. The only WA-Lens in the near future will be the original Olympus WCON-08D and the Domeport PPO-05. And this equipment will be a massive one. I saw the actual PP0-02 for the PT-020 at the CEBIT 2004 and the diameter of the domeport is about 180 !!! mm. Greetings from Germany Udo
  5. Hi Mike, try www.multimedia-online.ch or www.nautilus-equipment.de Udo
  6. Hi Spinner, don't forget the Epoque Wide angle lens DCL 20-5 for PT-005/007/010. Udo
  7. Here are my latest pictures from Bonaire. It was the first time that i used the Sea&Sea YS90 DX with my Olympus C3030/PT005. Many possibilities to correct the lightning. As you see many pictures are not as bright as they could be with the right mixture of manuell mode and flash settings. I will try to get some better pictures on my next underwater excursion. http://www.pbase.com/uwdigi/bonaire Greetings from Germany Udo
  8. Hi Sabine, I have enhanced my equipment with the INON UCL330 and UWL100 With the UCL330/UWL100 you can use the full zoom range of the Olympus C3030 underwater. And I found that there was another good reason for the INON lenses. You can use them on land. Here are some pictures: http://www.pbase.com/uwdigi/samples Because of very strong conditions during our last dives I wasn't able to make more pictures to compare. But in a few days (4) we start for our holiday on Bonaire and I hope I will get some more pictures this time. Udo
  9. Hi all ! here are some pictures from our last trip to Adrasan / Tuerkey in the mediterranean sea. Used Equipment: Olympus C3030/PT-005, INON UCL330, UWL100 and Ikelite A35. http://www.pbase.com/uwdigi/tuerkey2001 Comments and suggestions are wanted. Udo
  10. Very nice picture! In my opinion it's not a question of equipment. Your picture shows this in an excellent manner. Udo
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