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  1. Is there anywhere I can find a list off cameras that can provide RAW data. I am about to upgrade my old cannon powershot A40 for somehting else and have been told a camera with RAW capabilities is the way to go. I am not a super serious photographer (ie don't want to cart around tonnes of camera kit) ideally I'm after someting small enough to clip off on the jacket but good enough to produce decent shots. I like the look of the Sony T1 size and Mpixels wise but it doesn't include RAW capability, any comments.
  2. Hello all I have a Cannon Powershot S40 with the canon underwater housing which is serving me well and giving me some very nice shots. I shoot at large image size and superfine settings. When I donwload the pictures and take them into photoshop I find that they are only 72 pixels per inch. This seems low when I have been recommended to print at 300dpi. Is there any way of increasing the dpi of the camera or is this it? Also, I have been told it is always better to download RAW data from the camera and take this into Photoshop, rather than jpeg. Is this possible with the S40, and if so how? Thanks Katfish
  3. And here is the second image I offer up to your mercy Camera details: I am using a Canon Powershot A40 in the standard canon housing (which I am really pleased with for the price). I use single point focus rather than the evaluate mode so that it focuses on what I point at and all the rest is just automatic mode (point and shoot). I know I should learn to take control of my camera but there are enough things to think about under water for now. I have no strobe and have the internal falsh turned off.
  4. Hello all, I'm fairly new to UW digital photography (as of last Christmas) and a complete amateur hoping to learn lots more. I have been looking through the site over the last couple of months and quite daunted by the quality of some of the shots - maybe there should be a forum where the really good photographers can display their disasters just so that we mortals can see that even the best make mistakes. Anyway, I have finally plucked up the courage to send in a couple of pictures. I recently went to the Maldives for a belated honeymoon (following discussions on this site with several people). I took loads of shots which were ok. Then, upon returning to the UAE my buddy and I decided to extend my holiday as far as possible and get in an extra dive on the east coast of the UAE, at a place called Dibba rock. What we didn't realise (having been away) was that there had been a huge storm the day before so we were the only people diving and had the boat to ourselves. Fantastic. Anyway, to cut a long story short, being the only ones in the water the sea life was brilliant as there were no divers ahead of us to scatter the fish. We came in to a cove and there were five cuttle fish all together. It was a brilliant sight but sadly I couldn’t get them all in one shot. Attached are my two favourite shots, which as sods law would have it, were far better than anything I took in the Maldives but hey ho that’s the way it goes I guess. Please, any criticism will be gratefully received as I know there is lots to learn. Particularly interested in comments on filters I could use (just read the article on ambient light) and also and improvements I could make in Photoshop
  5. "I got op water certified on grand cayman on my first honeymoon. That marriage lasted 6 months" Thanks for the warning Jack r, that is Cayman Islands crossed of the list for sure!!! To keep you all informed we have now set on three option: Maldives - The wife is still interested but the high price and low season for the Indian ocean is against it Egypt - No problem with the part of the world (I live in the middle east) but Egypt does sounds a lot of hassel. Might do southern red sea next year though Fiji - Sounds fantastic, although minor concerns about the warnings lonely planet are giving about political unrest. Mind you, at the moment where in the world isn't there unrest. I am favouring Fiji, so who can recommed good source of info and possible dive operators in Fiji?
  6. I guess nobody would go for Maldives, pemba or egypt ;^P Hadn't thought of Fiji, I'll have a look in to it. Sorry, don't need a photographer, don't think the wife would appreciate it. Any other suggestions
  7. My wife and I got married about a year ago and are planning a belated Honeymoon in July. We have been diving for about a year and have only ever dived in the UAE and Oman (where we are living up the expat life). Originally we were set on going to the Maldives, but four groups of friends have been there in the last six months and say it isn't a patch on what it was. It used to be expensive but amazing, but now its expensive and not much better than Oman, is this true? Other possibilities we have considered so far are: Pemba, Egypt, Seyschelles or great barrier reef (although it seems a shame to travel all the way to Australia for just two weeks). Basically, it is our honeymoon so we are willing to spend that bit more if necessary to get a once in a life time diving holiday where we can be assured of lots of sealife and photo opportunities, reliable diving and I suppose it should be a bit reomantic as well. As there seem to be some very well travelled divers in the wetpixel community we thought we'd put to you: Where would you recommend?
  8. Thanks fella's I'll give your advice a wirl tonight. Sadly I am working on an LCD. Maybe it is time to invest in a cheap CRT in order to edit images.
  9. Has anyone got any tips on displaying and manipulating images I ahve down loaded from my digital camera. I download the images to my pc (Dell Laptop) as .jpg's and take them in to photoshop. I then tinker about with them until they look just how I want them on screen. When I come to print the images they never look as good. The colour and constrast will look pixelly and grainy, where as on screen they look like good photos. I have tried down loading other images off the net and printing these directly and they look fine so I am happy that my printer is able to produce good quality photo images. I therefore presume that somewhere in the workings of the computer it is not translating the screen image to the printer. Does anybody know of a technique or piece of software that will calibrate my screen to show my exactly what I am likely to see when I print? Anybody else had similar problems or have any advice on how to improve?
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