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  1. While this is probably not a new scam as No Film School states, it should serve as a warning about selling high-ticket items on eBay. Bottom line: "Buyer falsely claims to receive the wrong camera, returns a lower-priced model, and gets eBay to refund the sale price." (Quote from No Film School.) Be extra careful out there...
  2. The 5510.11 is an FL (Four-lock) Port Extension for Lenses Up To 2.75 Inches. It doesn't sound like your description. Also, it is helpful to post a price.
  3. Before I posted this WTB I called Olympus (800 622-6372) and talked with a person named Sebastian. His verbal price estimate was USD$118.74 ($134.59 with shipping). That seemed a little steep for such a small item but that is the minimum. On the plus side it would include a pressure test. I do realize there could be something else wrong with the housing. Some kind of impact, whether shipping or user handling, broke the part. If this was an expensive camera I would probably just send it in. But it is not. 3D printing the part is probably the only way we will be able to acquire plastic parts like this unless we can scavenge one from another housing. Olympus and, in my experience, most other major camera manufacturers, don't want anything to do with end users fixing their broken equipment. So thanks, fellas, for the suggestions and feedback. I knew locating a broken housing would be a long shot but people hit lotteries every day.
  4. Looking for a damaged PT-058 for parts. Especially need the zoom lever.
  5. It would be interesting to hear why you didn't like this setup - maybe in another post (e.g., in the Photography Gear & Technique forum) where more people could see and respond to it. I have been looking at this camera myself.
  6. Excellent advice. If anyone is looking for the GH5, I see Backscatter has a Black Friday package available for about $1,300USD. That's almost half price.
  7. Nice, that sold for a pretty penny. I'll have to watch for one at next summer's yard sales...
  8. I stumbled upon a sale at Ikelite and thought I'd pass it on. There are 46 items including housings, trays, filters, etc. with better-than-list prices: https://www.ikelite.com/collections/summer-savings That link has been used for a few price reductions since at least this past summer. If you are an Ikelite user it might be worth bookmarking. Sorry if this violates any sales rules; delete if necessary. I am not affiliated with Ikelite in any way other than being a customer.
  9. Well done! Congratulations on the selection.
  10. If you think one strobe is not recycling as quickly as the other it should be easy to check. Set up everything inside the house, bend both strobes close to each other so you can see the ready lights, set them both to the same power level and take a picture (or three). Watch the ready lights and you'll have a better idea of what is going on. If, in fact, one of the strobes is coming ready slower than the other, power off both strobes, switch the batteries, and try again. Either the problem will stay with a flaky strobe or it will follow the battery pack.
  11. Have you eliminated the cable as the problem? Is it always the same strobe that doesn't fire? Is there any corrosion on the cable connectors or strobe connectors?
  12. Well done! I really enjoyed that. I can see the value of loading this on a tablet for review on the boat. Is that okay? I don't want to violate your copyright. Internet access usually is not available for the trips I take.
  13. I see there are two of these Aquako IV on eBay (US). Two Hong Kong sellers each has one left as of today and have sold 46 of them combined. Just do a search on "Aquako" and all four models will come up. The IVs are going for $259 USD shipped.
  14. How about some photos of what is left? Your link from 02 November 2017 - 05:27 PM leads to a page-not-found error.
  15. Nice! Grommets can come in handy for lots of things underwater as well as automotive. I use them whenever I run wires through sheet metal. eBay has rubber grommet kits available for under $8. I'll bet 180 pieces will last you many years. I like your "handle" too. Is that DIY?
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