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  1. What are the dimensions of the plate? What material is it?

    What is the distance between the center of the left horizontal slot and the right horizontal slot? 

    What is the distance between the center of the top vertical slot and the bottom vertical slot? 


  2. Well done; I didn't want it to end.

    Excellent use of time lapse and tripod. Great music too!

    I can't believe how close you got to the pike. They look similar - at least in size - to our muskellunge in the Niagara River (Buffalo, New York area). Ours scatter as soon as we take a breath. Maybe they had something else on their minds?


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  3. I got out diving yesterday locally in Buffalo, NY in the Niagara River. It was really, really nice.

    Ok, it was not the Bahamas, Cozumel, Bonaire or some exotic faraway location. But it was wet, clear, and some of the best local diving I've done in many years. We saw tons of muskies, walleye and even sturgeon (4 different sitings in three 30-minute dives). The vis was outstanding for us, 30+ feet. It was a little cool at 70 degrees but my 5-mil semi-dry gave me relative comfort for over an hour and a half of bottom time.

    Bottom line: if you have local diving available, give it a try. Dive shops can give recommendations if you don't have any favorites. Get wet!

  4. Well done! You exposed me to more than a couple films I have not heard of, much less seen.

    Sharkwater and Blue Planet I & II are in my collection but the rest are now on my list to find and view. Some of them are available on Netflix, Youtube, Amazon and Amazon Prime. I can't find your favorite for us US viewers , unfortunately. It is on Youtube but was blocked for me for some copyright reason. It's also available for purchase on Amazon but it requires a zone 2 DVD player (Europe) and is on the pricey side. The Disney version is readily available.

    Thanks for putting this together and posting it here. You did a fantastic and very professional job. I liked it so much I watched it twice in a row!

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  5. While this is probably not a new scam as No Film School states, it should serve as a warning about selling high-ticket items on eBay. Bottom line: "Buyer falsely claims to receive the wrong camera, returns a lower-priced model, and gets eBay to refund the sale price." (Quote from No Film School.)

    Be extra careful out there...

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  6. Before I posted this WTB I called Olympus (800 622-6372) and talked with a person named Sebastian. His verbal price estimate was USD$118.74 ($134.59 with shipping). That seemed a little steep for such a small item but that is the minimum. On the plus side it would include a pressure test.

    I do realize there could be something else wrong with the housing. Some kind of impact, whether shipping or user handling, broke the part. If this was an expensive camera I would probably just send it in. But it is not.

    3D printing the part is probably the only way we will be able to acquire plastic parts like this unless we can scavenge one from another housing. Olympus and, in my experience, most other major camera manufacturers, don't want anything to do with end users fixing their broken equipment.

    So thanks, fellas, for the suggestions and feedback. I knew locating a broken housing would be a long shot but people hit lotteries every day.

  7. I stumbled upon a sale at Ikelite and thought I'd pass it on. There are 46 items including housings, trays, filters, etc. with better-than-list prices:




    That link has been used for a few price reductions since at least this past summer. If you are an Ikelite user it might be worth bookmarking.


    Sorry if this violates any sales rules; delete if necessary. I am not affiliated with Ikelite in any way other than being a customer.

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  8. If you think one strobe is not recycling as quickly as the other it should be easy to check. Set up everything inside the house, bend both strobes close to each other so you can see the ready lights, set them both to the same power level and take a picture (or three). Watch the ready lights and you'll have a better idea of what is going on.


    If, in fact, one of the strobes is coming ready slower than the other, power off both strobes, switch the batteries, and try again. Either the problem will stay with a flaky strobe or it will follow the battery pack.

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