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  1. Have you eliminated the cable as the problem? Is it always the same strobe that doesn't fire? Is there any corrosion on the cable connectors or strobe connectors?
  2. Well done! I really enjoyed that. I can see the value of loading this on a tablet for review on the boat. Is that okay? I don't want to violate your copyright. Internet access usually is not available for the trips I take.
  3. I see there are two of these Aquako IV on eBay (US). Two Hong Kong sellers each has one left as of today and have sold 46 of them combined. Just do a search on "Aquako" and all four models will come up. The IVs are going for $259 USD shipped.
  4. How about some photos of what is left? Your link from 02 November 2017 - 05:27 PM leads to a page-not-found error.
  5. Nice! Grommets can come in handy for lots of things underwater as well as automotive. I use them whenever I run wires through sheet metal. eBay has rubber grommet kits available for under $8. I'll bet 180 pieces will last you many years. I like your "handle" too. Is that DIY?
  6. Ikelite announcement Not really an announcement, more of a statement. If you are looking for one there are still a few around (eBay, Amazon, etc.). Looks like I ordered one just in time. Makes me sad to think this will probably be my last housing. $800 for a port just ain't gonna happen even if it can be used with multiple lenses. So far the D500 is the only camera I see the message under. Maybe there is just a problem with the system and I am overreacting? What do you think? Did I miss some news somewhere or is my favorite budget housing manufacturer going high end?
  7. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I did order the Ikelite version after seeing the first few responses but wish I had seen the info about the Leak Sentinel first. It is pricier but I like the fact that it is constantly monitoring.
  8. I just received a quote for an Ikelite D500 housing and they asked me if I also wanted a quote on the vacuum kit. I have owned Ike housings for the D70s, D80 and D300 and never had a problem. So I ask myself, is this leak detection system worth another $185? It certainly makes sense to protect my investment, but never having owned one I wonder it it's a gimmick or a necessity. If you have one - for any housing - do you think it is a justifiable expense?
  9. Looking for an Ikelite 5505.46 FL Flat Port for Nikon 105mm VR. Anyone have one collecting dust? Might be interested in the newer port system consisting of: 5510.35 Flat Front 5510.28 FL Extension for Lenses Up To 5.1 Inches OR 5510.35 Flat Front 5510.75 Extension 5510.22 Extension Thanks...
  10. You probably should have started a new topic rather than revived this 14-year old thread. Anyway, there were some housings available a while back for different strobes. For example, here's one for a Canon 580EX II (no longer available): So in answer to your question, it is possible to use a topside strobe underwater and it has been done.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. It looks like it will fit my port. However, I don't have the Subsee diopter. I have the Inon UCL-165M67 which may or may not have the same diameter of the Subsee diopter. I was thinking these holders had a 67mm connection point but your pictures tell me it is more like a clamp. Is your adapter a Subsee brand?
  12. Is the double flip adapter still available? I have the Ikelite port #5508.05 with the focus knob. Will the adapter work with it?
  13. Very well done. 30 dives, nice! Love the macro...
  14. Yi Technology and Amazon are taking orders now and Yi says shipping will be within 8 weeks to the U.S. (Amazon says the release date is April 11, 2017). Many countries are not included for direct shipment by Yi (see the questions and answers at the bottom of this page) but since Amazon will also carry this it should not be a problem for many buyers. The price is USD$339.98 which includes the waterproof case. I'm especially interested in the Backscatter Flip filters. It looks like the lens on the 4K+ is centered from top to bottom (as opposed to the GoPros which are closer to the top) so even if the square lens port has the same dimensions it looks like one of the filters will be able to flip up but not back. The other filter looks like it will flip sideways and back. I would like to see A.Y.'s 3D solution. Looking forward to some reviews.
  15. Looking for an Ike 4401.1 or possibly a 4401 optical converter. Must be in working order and complete with protective cap. Please let me know your best price with shipping to Buffalo, NY 14220 USA. A PM or post to this topic will be fine. Thanks...
  16. Payment sent for 2x INON UCL 165M67. Thanks Xander!
  17. Can you please provide some approximate dimensions? How much are you asking? What country are you in? Thanks...
  18. I have not seen any threads on this so I thought I'd share it. If you like underwater videos and use iTunes you owe it to yourself to check out some of the videos, especially the one posted yesterday. The title is "San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Entry Excerpts" and it is a must see. All I can say is I would not want to be a judge at that show. My only complaint is that it is way too short for those of us who can't get to San Diego this week. Find them all in iTunes by searching on "divefilm." They are buried in the Podcast section. BTW they are produced in association with Wetpixel. Edit: I just noticed the UnderSea Exhibition Excerpts video is posted on vimeo here (best to enlarge the screen):
  19. Nicely done. I enjoyed the story-telling aspect and, as much as I usually enjoy the technical details, did not miss them. Keep it up. p.s. Great photos too!
  20. Now there's one tough scientist. And here I stop diving when the water temp reaches 60 degrees. With a 5 mil. And a vest. And a hood. I'm such a baby.
  21. Nice rig. Looks like you have a few bucks invested in it. Don't forget a lanyard (Wise guy in every crowd). As far as the tripod, do you have a specific subject in mind? It doesn't seem like you will be able to get much height out of the setup. While it looks super stable, it doesn't seem very versatile.
  22. It looks like this could work. Keeping the mount centered on the housing will allow use of the right handle for a second strobe or video light and give a better perspective for anything filmed close. I can start with Ultralight's BA-HB ball adapter in the top of the housing. Hopefully the thread size on the stud matches the threads on the Ike housing. The long clamp AC-CSL will give me a little reach and the ball mount AD-GO will connect to the tripod mount on the GoPro housing. Thanks for this idea. Now to decide on a camera. The HD3 black looks like the way to go.
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